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Van Builder Wanted Early 2019 $$$$
I will be working hard down in Q as well, sorry brother man.
"Bertha" 27' Ford E450 Triton V10 Full time since 4/5/17
bLIp-bLOOp-bLOp -529 Forever- Will eat ticks for badges
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Happy Trails!
bLEEps Big Grin
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Damn, Brad, that is an AMAZING kitchen!
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(08-01-2018, 03:48 PM)S Cello Wrote: Damn, Brad, that  is an AMAZING kitchen!

Thanks! Here's my latest addition, custom shelves and my new Instapot  Smile

[Image: 28836617057_4501660f94_c.jpg]
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WOW!! Thank you to everyone for the response !! I'm "guessing" Late Feb to end of March. Sorry I haven't been on here. Working 12 hr days/ 6 days/week on this contract. No way of knowing exactly when this project will be over. I'm ordering all the goodies every week. I'm not against taking the bus to another location. Due to a blown head gasket right now I plan to replace the engine with a Ford crate motor if I get it out, pull off the heads and find more problems with cylinders. So I was hoping to build everything else where it is in Texas.
The weather around Feb-March is prob around 85 days and low 70's night time. But..Southeast TX weather is Very Unpredictable.
If stuff doesn't work out I will attack the engine prob first and then take the bus to a better location closer to the ones that want to help.
It's not that I don't know or could not build it myself (with help from information yall have given me). I just want to get it done quickly. Right after this contract there is probably going to another that lasts 8-10 months where I'm at now. I will have maybe 30 days to get it all done. I will do my best to work with the schedule of others as much as possible.
Main goal ATM is to get all the stuff for the build ordered and delivered to the bus location (minus lumber).
Please PM me if with your contact info if your wanting to help and I'll return mine.
(08-01-2018, 09:59 AM)bLEEp Wrote: I will be working hard down in Q as well, sorry brother man.
When is Q over ?  BTW...I"m looking at roof racks to fit. I want rack to go all the way front to back and side to side. I'll modify it to leave room for emergency hatch, maxxair fan, or any other roof outlets. Can you or anyone recommend one. My roof ain't flat anywhere. lol.  Thanks bLEEp !!
(07-30-2018, 12:30 PM)Motrukdriver Wrote: Jamie's Van Build happens around Thanksgiving.  If you can break away and get it rolling in that direction you might can get a jump start on your build.  His YT channel is Enigmatic Nomadics.  You can probably get some information there if interested.
I pretty darn sure I will be here into 2019.  If anything I will get back to Texas for a few days for Christmas for family. That's why I planned to pay top $ so at minimum I could help them with their travels to Texas. I might have to do it in sections. Then those with the skills that are needed (and are better than mine) could show up and do their part. Kinda like building a S&B house.

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