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Juanita the '93 Club Wagon
I have a small tent somewhere. Want me to look for it?
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  • AbuelaLoca (08-28-2018)
That must be very frustrating. I’m so sorry. Hopefully the overheating is something easy. The road is calling and you will find a way. Keep up the faith, it will get better.

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  • AbuelaLoca (08-28-2018)
(08-28-2018, 10:14 AM)Cammalu Wrote: I have a small tent somewhere. Want me to look for it?

I'm pretty sure I have one that I planned on carrying on the van! I will let you know soon!
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go a head and replace the thermostat,cheap and maybe easy,with the radiator cap off let it warm up,when the thermostat opens it should look like a water hose on high in side the radiator,if not water pump
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  • AbuelaLoca (08-29-2018), Texjbird (08-30-2018)
Oh I hope you find a way to still come! I am going to arrive the evening of the 11th...and stay to spend a day with you. I hope the weather if good for you to come with or without the van.

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Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
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  • Snikwahjm (08-29-2018), AbuelaLoca (08-29-2018)
Where do you live? Maybe we can meet up with you and fix your van?
I'm way over in the middle of Missouri! Unless you're coming from the West, I'm out of the way! Thank you so much for the offer! The future son-in-law won't be able to help until Sunday, so my nemesis, Impatience, is working overtime Big Grin
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Did you get the thermostat replaced?
I am determined to get Juanita mechanically sound by the end of this summer! Last year we finally got the overheating issue corrected, it was a small connection that had deteriorated and cost just a couple of dollars to replace. So I drove it from the tiny Town of auxvasse to the tiny City of Columbia and when I parked it in the drive, the radiator sprung a leak. So I drove it to a locked storage facility and that is where she remains today. We Believe I need a new radiator which is about a hundred and fifty with tax and shipping, and she needs a new battery which will probably be another $150. So that's where she stands, but at this time I have nowhere to do the repairs! My landlord will not let us do it in the driveway although our neighbors do everyday, and I don't have any friends nearby with enough space for this giant van for as long as it will take to fix it. So my next step is to rent some garage space somewhere to do the repairs. And hopefully the radiator and battery is all she needs!
viajes seguros
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  • heron (05-24-2020)
Ask wherever you get the parts from if local.
(Some even have tools to lend!)

Two fairly easy jobs.
Always expect a may be easy , but you'll be in a good place to cover that too.
Stay Tuned

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  • AbuelaLoca (05-22-2020), heron (05-24-2020)

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