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FatvanSS Dragonwagon L.E.
A one wire blower motor, has to be getting its ground(-) through its mounting bolts, which means the one wire is a +.

There is no way to run an electric motor with half a circuit, and no way that Chevy uses a positive ground, so that one wire is a + and it will be fed either full battery voltage, or reduced voltages after the speed selector switch diverts the circuit to run through the resistor pack.

Now the relay powering the speed selector switch could be triggered by a switched ground. terminals 85 or 86 can be + or -, it matters not, either can be switched to cause the electromagnet to close the contacts, mating terminal 30 to 87.

terminal 87a is basically always hooked to 30 until the relay is energized.

Relays with Dual 87 terminals are dual switched output, but these are not as common as relays with an 87a

Dual 87 output relays are good for headlight relays, each output going to each headlight, rather than a single 87 passing power to both headlights.
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  • American Nomad Patriot (11-04-2019)
the original wiring tripped me out,dont know what to make of it,main hot wire to on/off then out to the motor,the other wire to the motor went to the relay,the main contact in the speed select was a ground

i went,fused 12v wire to on/off then to speed select,low/medium had their wires going to resistor then single throw unactivated relay to motor,
speed select high to relay activation wire which has a ground,t with fused 12v to relay when activated,ground wire from motor case to firewall
Victory is mine

except the mounting holes are in a different spot on the new switch but 3 fan speed acquired
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  • GypsyDogs (11-07-2019), heron (11-07-2019)
a little power outage today so put the rv to work

the coal stove needs coal,charcoal is just not that good,smoky when it gets going,burns up fast and leave a lot of ash

dual exhaust/recycle around the coal stove fan didnt work to good,blew most of the air behind the heat shield,broke out the little box fan and aimed it at the stove and worked good,might try one of those heat activated fans

would like to get the cook top option for the stove

started at a wet 45f and kept a comfortable 65f,at first bare feet felt moisture in the rug,3 hours later it felt dry

still need to load up the laptop and/or get some dvds,bummed a john wayne/robert mitchum movie off a neighbor
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  • rvpopeye (12-07-2019)

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