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FatvanSS Dragonwagon L.E.
Be a good data point to know How many amps were you getting at hot idle into that super depleted engine battery.

One time drained to dead is not a starting battery killer, unless it was very slowly brought to dead and then left there for a long while. quick true full recharge and it can keep performing for quite a while at its task of cranking the engine.

I've been getting some slipping from my single V belt when maxing out my alternator with depleted battery and loads. I just lower my voltage dial until it stops and then raise it in stages back upto 14.7ish. Usually it squeals when turning the wheel and accellerating, rarely at steady speed when driving. but it wil at idle too if well depleted and damp outside.

I can run double V belts, but one or the other is always too loose and makes these weird harmonics.

The single V belt stretches when the alternator is loaded hard often, mine is likely a bit too loose at the moment.
Sternwake, I'm sure you know this but those double belt setups require a matched set of belts (they come in a two pack). I never had a problem with the double V belt setup on my old '77 Dodge van. Just buying two separate belts of the same length is not the same.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel
Yeah. My ac compressor feet are imperfect. And that pulley is slightly outmof.line with the others so even a matched set of belts one would always be vibrating and i could hear harmonics.

Its been 15 years of running just one v belt now. And perhaps i can no longer hear the harmonics. If i were asking the alternator.for.max amps.each damp morning with a well depleted battery...i might look back into twin v belts. Probably just tighten the existing though till it only squealed.over 85 amps when damp and.cold.
for chevy and most likely dodge 318/360 and ford 351 you can buy aftermarket serpentine pulleys $100 or so or fancy full setups up to $1000 or hit the wrecking yard and get some used
Eventually I want to/will have to remove the huge heavy uncharged AC compressor, but I need a pulley there.

  Was thinking a second alternator, but don't really need one.  Only at night and hot idle with lights on and blower motor on high does my existing alternator not have enough juice to saturate my well depleted AGM battery to 14.7v instantly.  Very seldom occurrence for me. 

Seems with wide serpentine belts and  pulleys one can have a smaller diameter alternator pulley, so it turns faster and makes better amperage at idle speed, which could of course help to fry itself faster if it has no thermal protections.
a couple nice thunder heads pass by with heavy downpours and did not see any leaks in the rv

also when i was looking at what wood the neighbor was going to sell me i glanced at his metal pile and walked off with this

[Image: HOaCIfH.jpg]

needs some modification but should be able to get it to work
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got my 50 foot extension made up and it's working great,not enough power drop for me to notice,after looking around went with sterns recommendation thin strand wire so nice and flexable 

gives me a total of 70 feet of extension
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For 50 feet of sheathed 2-10 tinned marine cable. With 45 amp anderson powerpoles on each end....well you could.jumpstart vehicles with that. Just give it a few minutes in parallel first before cranking donee vehicle.

I have abouf 24 feet left of this same cable...waiting for something worthy to attach it to.
not sure about jumping but sure can charge it,had my panel on the back deck 50 feet from the rv then had my 20' extension going to my truck topping off the battery

when i get a proper system i can charge my batteries and then anyone around me,some usb's here and there and i'll be a little rolling power station

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