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What are you reading?
Good idea! A clicker for your bookshelf. Smile
YARC : Drunk in the Mud/Keeper of the Dingy/Ears [Image: L3000.gif]/Potluck Contributions Restricted
Habit I picked up when I saved all my humanities until my last semester, 18 hours of lit/philosophy/history... tens of thousands of pages to read. I was such an idiot.  Tongue
Right now I'm deep into "Zealot".Great book about how the Christian religion came to be.True believers don't want to know these things or consider them.I have also read and recommend history books by Bart Ehrman.
When my eyes are tired I enjoy audiobooks. They are also great for long drives. I use the Libravox app for free books and I hit used bookstores for audiobooks on CD.

In print I am currently reading The Spirituality of Imperfection by Kurtz and Ketcham.

For fiction I have been reading short stories that were written by my first husband. He was an unpublished writer and when he died we found about 200 short stories and six novels he wrote. I am slowly working my way through it all.

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  • Queen (05-11-2018)
That's really cool, Blanch, such a treasure trove of reading.
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  • Blanch (05-11-2018)
(05-11-2018, 05:35 PM)Queen Wrote: That's really cool, Blanch, such a treasure trove of reading.

I am enjoying it. So much of it surprises me. He was a pretty good author. Thanks.

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(05-10-2018, 08:32 AM)Putts Wrote: I've also got grandma's copy of Kon-Tiki on the shelf.

Excellent read.  You'll get lost in it.
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I just read, slmost in one sitting, Only Pack What You Can Carry by Janice Holly Booth. The author travels solo and writes about fear, solitude, reflection.
Just what I need to h ar right now.
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I'm reading the Anti-Federalist Papers and the parts of the Black Law Dictionary.
Something about high school english class, still keeps me away from literature, and I read for enjoyment, and thus only authors I find enjoyable.

i am currently reading The Haunted Mesa by Louis L'amour.

Some of my other favorite enjoyable reads are the Travis McGee seres by John D Macdonald and Wilbur Smith's Novels. For a good laugh Carl Hiassens books seem to encompass the craziness of Florida like few others.

Gary Jennings Aztec is a really good read. I'd read it again if I had a copy.

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