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Robert"Gunny"Jungman 1951-2018
Boys go in the military, turn into men at a young age but they never really come out. Military to the end, guarding and watching their families and neighbors. I salute all who are military minded even in old age.
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  • Scott7022 (05-07-2018)
Used to hear Taps being played every night when I was walking back to the base in W. Germany. Always stopped and stood at attention till it was over. You always have respect for your fallen brothers and sisters in uniform and you never know when that song is gonna be played for you.
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  • Scott7022 (05-07-2018)
“Here’s health to you and to our Corps
Which we are proud to serve;
In many a strife we’ve fought for life
And never lost our nerve;
If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven’s scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines.”

Final verse of the Marine’s Hymn
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  • Scott7022 (05-07-2018)
Gunny joked a great deal about not beig able to pick his spot. Now I guess that spot will be picked for him. It seems a little odd for me to suggest this, as isn't in his LUP (laying up postion/sniper terminology) yet,  but perhaps a memorial page and picture set for when we go visit his spot on our wanderings. Whatchall think?
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And that pic you posted will do nicely for the thread first post. Cool
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  • Scott7022 (05-18-2018)
I never met him but read a lot of his posts. Compared to dying in a nursing home or with Alzheimer's, he went out the way he would have wanted. I will be so lucky to just die in a van or trailer, with little to dispose of.

It's a sad thing to lose peers but its coming for us all, so best be prepared. 
Get rid of your excess, leave contact information posted somewhere, prepare your family or friends for "the call". 
And have a DNR and/or a living will so "someone" else doesn't make decisions for you that you would not have wanted made.
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I miss Gunny and think of him every day.

 His last call to me was I think on 5/1 or 5/2.   I was not home and did not get a answer when I returned his call.  I will always wonder what he wanted to say to me or if he was calling for help.

We had recently been talking about me having his trailer since I can't set up the one I have by myself.  When I asked " what do you want for it" his response was "Free to $1,000 for someone I know and like or $4,000 on CL"  so I   asked "how much do you want from me"?  Gunny said "Well, I know and like you. " Don't worry about it" is what he said every time I asked about it.  I was still going to save some $$$ to send him.  We agreed that there was no rush and when he decided to move to a real apt. not a motel efficiency he'd let me know.  Since it was a whenever the time is right thing we decided not to post it right now.  Two members here are aware of this.

I can't help but wonder if Rob knew he would no longer need the TT sooner rather than later.  I guess I'll never know

As far as I know the exact time or circumstances of Gunny's death has not been released.

 Gunny mentions his "Executor" in what I think was his last post here.  I know the mans 1st name and have tried to find a way to contact both he and Sarah,  I have no contact #'s for either of them.  How ever I do have clues and am following a trail.

Sometimes things happen that cause a break in a family that may never be mended.  Ones in my family have lasted over 10 years.  I also have a sister that I've only seen once in over 30ys.

I hope that Gunny's family can get together, at least so that all of his children are made aware of his death so they mourn his loss.  I've never met my father or even seen a picture of him.  I still miss knowing him.  My Mom did tell me 2ys ago that my adult son looks just like him so much that it's uncanny.

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While remembering our fallen heroes today.....

Remember Gunny
He left the conflict but the conflict never left him........
Semper Fi my friend . At ease..
Stay Tuned

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Gunny and I often talked about my dad, and the impact their service had on their families. I posted this this morning on my FB page, it applies to Gunny as well:

On this Memorial Day I’m remembering my dad, just another of the forgotten and ignored Vietnam Veterans. He served his country with honor for 23 years, he survived two wars, and he came home to a family who loved him... and a country who reviled him. His experiences made him a strong man but not always a good father. Although through the haze of memory I can see there were more good times than bad. Ready easy Master Sergeant.
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