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Tales from a Ventilation Lunatic
Pretty greenery. Nice

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Good to hear the Papst fan is proving useful. Mine is still in the box waiting for the build to progress and hotter conditions. That’s a long wait sometimes around the Puget Sound region. We think about better heaters for months on end. But that’s why Im building a home with wheels. 
Thanks for the data on ventilation and other information. I need to review the PWM speed controller options as full speed is not always ideal, a bit noisy too.  I use background noise also, white noise, due to some high pitch and hissing sound I hear. It’s not severe. It comes and goes. But I can tell it could become a nuisance if it was more intense. 
 I wonder if Dyson fans perform better than other fans? Or is it curb appeal and glam, looks. Due to space limitations I like the computer fan form factor. 
 I thought the idea to have a squirrel fan blower under the vehicle was interesting placement and strategy. For the cool air like a sea breeze. 
 Im also wondering about the little motors and propellers on drones?. For air circulation. I noticed packages of 4 motors for $20-$30. Just curious if they might be useful. I’m just curious. Ive no experience with these motors. The noise might be too much. Maybe they spin too fast:
My Mavic Mini drone is noisy. I can hear it a couple of hundred feet away.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel
I've no experience with drone motors or the Dyson fan technology so no comment.

Unless the Papst's flow at 12.x volts is adequate for you, then a PWM motor speed controller is not really a good plan of attack as first you'd need a 28v dc to dc converter then feed that output through a pwm motor speed controller.  I think it is easier and less complicated to get the buck boost converter and use its full speed range of 7.33 to 30 volts.

There are 5 or 6 wires inside the sheathed cable for the papst, one of those could be a PWM signal wire, but again one would need a 28vdc converter then a PWM  signal generator just to send a signal on that pwm wire for speed control.

My electronics guru buddy will be exploring this possibility as he intends to have a 28vdc source going for other things anyway.

I made my own PWM signal generator but needed to feed it 5v. so I used a bucker to feed it 5v.  Got everything to work, but it was clunnky and using the bucker alone achieved the same objective with less clunk.

I also did some tessting with the Noctua PWM signal generator and the fans were used less amperage when speed controlled by the bucker or buck/boost module.

THe PWM portion of the NOctuas, the wire pin connection always seemed to be at the root cause of the Noctua fan failures, and the silverstone fm181 its failure too seemed to be heavily related to teh PWM speed controlling function.

The only PWM motor speed controller I've not had issues with is the one controlling the stock HVAC blower motor, and that might be better described as no problems yet.  I actually really like having that alway live option, but especially when it rains.  It is not very efficient though, in terms of air moved for amps consumed, and some reduced speeds the motor is just as loud as at higher speeds but a different tone.  the lower the speed  in the 1 to 3 amp range the more annoying the tone is, to my ears anyway.

I'd strongly recommend 24v Papst owners use a buck/boost voltage converter to power and speed control them.  The 5 amp b/b modules have been problematic but the 10 amp ones are good, although their 200K ohm potentiometers instead of 50 or 10K ohm are a factor, as 200k ohm is an odd value.

My 10 amp B/B module is powering both the 24v Delta and 24v Papst, and the Delta is a beast among beasts,  but the Papst can move a very respectable amount of air for much less noise than the Delta and is much quieter at minimum speed too.

For sheer power the 140x51mm 24v Delta has no close rival. There are some fans available with papst like bodies that claim higher cfm, but my search is over.

The other day I had turned on all intake fans on about speed 7 of 10, then made my bed.   The fans flow got under the sheets and ballooned them up.  I have acheived this before with lesser fans but had to use binder clips to hold the sheets to the fan, and block off the sides so all the flow went under the blankets.

This redefines 'airing out one's mattress'  

That top blanket is a thick heavy Mexican blanket, and that is the surplus center catalog the fans are levitating.  When trying to close the side third door softly the air pressure from these fans pushes it back open. From outside the air is rgushing out the crack, and if inside there is a strange noise with the door opened an inch or two as air is forced out the opening and the intake fans noise changes when pulling the door shut against the air pressure.  Its really quite impressive.
I doubt there a mold or mildew issue in your van. That’s inspiring. I’m not planning on a A/C unit. 
Have you ever thought of doing door blower tests on houses.
Actually I do have some mold issues and have been expending efforts to squash them.

I have very light insulation on the walls, intending to never really be in a cold climate, and they do form some condensation. Its not like when it is cold i have loads of the fans exchanging air rapidly, and when it is cold I am more likely to make soup or boil pasta meals.

The mold tends to form worst near where I hang my wetsuit to dry after surfing and where the nose of my longboard resides, as I don;t wipe it dry before attaching it to my roof, though I shuold.
I should do a lot of things I dont.
Shitballs, should close this damn laptop right now Dammitt!
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