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This Sh&^ Making the news over there?
Sounds like you're enjoying the easy stuff...
You should .
You earned this doing all the interesting jobs ya know.

I never feel bad doing a show where I only carry my spectrum analyzer and a water bottle , watch the band hump gear while getting paid twice as much as them.
Nope Nope !

Now , about the camel...............I'd suggest spit in his face first. But I "ain't right" .
Stay Tuned

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Scotty D needs to pump out old lady porn once a month,my mom will buy every one for $8.99,i keep telling her she can get them used ones for$0.50 by the box full but nooo,has to have the just released

Christine Feehan,i have to look her up to find when the next issue is coming out
my favorite author is Haynes

so you traded neo-nazis for allahu akbar,i think thats a push,well,we will give the edge to allahu akbar on the eats,but the Ukraine has the hotties so back at push

that>1% polynesian that came back on my dna has me thinking i should go in search of my long lost relatives,isle by isle
Most of the Islam/Muslim are of the garden variety Catholic/Prod/Jewish at home. I use the cat joke to test this. So it is all good. Right wing I can handle but add Nationalism or Extreme Religious and we have an explosive mix. You remember the fire triangle in school. Same applies.

The cute curious creature, or triple C as I call her, got her camel ride. She walked up looked it in the eye and said kush and it laid down for her. She got on and hung on as the gangly thing stood up. It was soft sand so I took the risk.

"MR S. it worked you taught me to talk to camels."
"Everything I say works Triple C." (Drill on the parade square is not for show. It teaches immediate reactions to verbal commands. It bypasses the thought process. In a threat situation, I need that from both of them.)

Camel wandered around a little with her and the owner watched. I handed him an imported bottle of fizzy water and he nodded. Water in the desert is a cultural observational gift.

Triple A, her brother, came running over all monkey paws, (yup I stole that from our Dog Whisperer) and splotch. Big brown green lugi of camel spit. The kid stopped puking about five minutes later.

"Now you know why I don't like them."

"That smell was so bad I thought I would die."

"Nothing in the world smells like it. Triple C you sound like a squirrel choking on a golf ball. Stop laughing at your brother."

babysitting at exorbitant rates is still babysitting. Did I mention I am not really fond of the things. Cute and intelligent though they may be. Later we are going to learn how to distil pee into clean drinking water, using nothing but bottles and hoses and the sun. I was informed after the camel ride of an operation challenge to this training. Below is the conversation unedited.

"Mr S. I think I need to tell you something."
"Ok triple C; shoot."
"I am a girl."
"Ah, yeah I figured that out in the first 2 seconds when we met."
"I don't have a spout."
"Ah...a spout?"
"Yeah you know the song; I am a little teapot short and stout here is my handle here is my spout. (low/emotive capacity comes in so handy as laughing at this moment would be life scaring) I don't have a spout."
"You know you aren't supposed to have a spout right?"
"Yes of course Mr S I am a GIRL!"
"Ok just checking. Are you embarrassed to pee outside? If your feeling odd or anything you can just watch we are bringing towels for privacy. You know what privacy is right."
"Yeah, like when I should shut the door and not have a conversation doing my business. No, I am not concerned about that. I just want to fill up my bottle. I tried this morning, in my toilet, and I didn't get much in. I think I need a pickle jar instead of a water bottle."
"Ok Triple C I will bring you a pickle jar."
"Thanks Mr S." Gives me a kiss on the cheek, turns and runs to the door leaving the den and stops.
Turns back "You better bring two. My brother pisses all over the damn place too." And leaves

Someone has been listening to the cleaning staff speaking Russian and thinking little ears didn't understand.

Bets on who of the two does the taste test to see if our distillation process was successful?  Lunch is done and three jars labelled and packed.


Most religions view Cats/Dogs as soulless creatures. Saying a Cat is a Muslim is highly offensive. 
"My cats a Muslim. Every morning he jumps up runs to his mat and puts his paws out in front and bows his head puts his bum in the air and meows to Mecca." If they try to kill you or get highly offended they ain't safe. If they smile, nod and think that wasn't very funny they are the safe kind. Kinda like how Dave Allen tested Catholics.
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Love the stories, Scott. Smile
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Article about the DC city government written by the AP.

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