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Little House on the Road
Looks like Rob and Carolyn have their new truck shell built after the fire that destroyed their pop up camper.  If you don't know them or visit their YT channel or FB page, they left to go do their weekly live YT broadcast and when they got back someone had set their pop up on fire.  Burned to the ground and they pretty much lost everything.  That was several weeks ago.  Rob got busy and build a camper shell to live in on the back of his pickup truck and last night they spent the first night in it.  Pretty awesome recovery.  If you get a chance, look up their channel and send some love....  good folks.  Oh, and they are doing a lot of east coast camping so if anyone has questions about how to go about that they would be a great resource.
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What the hell. Do they have any suspects? That really sucks.

East coast camping - that would be something different to hear about.
No, they said the rangers came in to investigate but nothing. There were other instances of vandalism is the RV parks in the area. They were staying in the National Park in northern Florida. Rob puts out a video at 4pm eastern time every day and sometimes it is a live feed. Initially they looked dejected which is understandable but they bounced back and they have a pretty cool looking home built shell on his pickup now. Stand up height with plenty of storage. They've been running down the east coast after crossing over from Missouri (he is from about 50 miles from me) to Virginia and all the way down to Florida staying at the free sites. They were supposed to meet up with Drivin and Vibin for some kinda event but that got cancelled. Check out his channel. Even after such devastation of losing everything they rebuilt. They literally had just the clothes on their backs, the pickup truck and fortunately they took the computer to do the live feed. It's rather inspiring.
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That is such a terrible thing to happen.  When I was 9ys old I went to a schoolmates house after school to play.  As we turned a corner we saw her home burnt to the ground.  No one had came to the school for her.  The neighbors heard our screams and crying and came to us in the street.  They said that her family and pets were fine.  They also Called my Granma to come get me.  I have never forgotten the shock and gut wrenching sadness of seeing her what was left of her home when we went around that last corner over 40 years ago.

What is their YT channel?

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(04-25-2018, 10:03 PM)Cammalu Wrote: What the hell.  Do they have any suspects?  That really sucks.

East coast camping - that would be something different to hear about.

The state forests in PA offer free 7-day vehicle roadside camping some with actual number sites but you must pull a permit in person at forest HQ. Plus Alleghany NF has paid camping with the use of a modern bathhouse and free dispersed just like good old northern Arizona. One can spend May thru October in PA and with a fishing license and the addresses of the food pantries live off the land for pretty much free.

New York State forests offer free camping too but you will have to research the rules and regs.

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(04-26-2018, 12:12 PM)Texjbird Wrote: What is their YT channel?
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(04-25-2018, 10:03 PM)Cammalu Wrote: What the hell.  Do they have any suspects?  That really sucks.

The video says it burned but they don't know why.

I won't be following them because I don't like the shouting intro each time.
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I used to kinda like this guy. He has changed into a crvl type now. Click bait and immediately deleting anything that isnt ridiculous, grovelling adulation.

Hes angry about solar and refuses to get it. Refuses to conserve water. Refuses to go outside florida. Next video: Its expensive to run a generator 6hrs a day. Finding water is expensive. Finding free camping is hard.

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So they burned it as a stunt?
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