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The Land of Enchanment
New Mexico that is. Bob has done some videos on camping at the New Mexico state parks for $225.00 a year.

I can seriously see myself spending a lot of time in NM. In summer, you'd have to get high enough in altitude to escape the heat. In winter, NM is a cold, cold place, time to beat feet to low desert Quartzsite. 

If I kept my travels laterally, say S California, AZ, NM, I could establish Texas residency. Just go the the NW El Paso DMV. Got to see what they say about the address thing though. I was going for Nevada residency because I thought I'd be north-south alot, but New Mexico, I'm smitten again.  Heart

I remember coming out west on the train out of Michigan Central Station in Detroit near the old Tiger Stadium. When we left the grasslands of Kansas and climbed up into the Sangre De Cristos, so beautiful. Everything about NM was so beautiful.

So, anybody spent much time in New Mexico? Let's spread some love for the Land of Enchantment!
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My home is Kentucky now but previously to that I lived in NM. I still love it but the crime rate had gotten so high which is one of the reasons I left.

I will return often

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I workamped for a month (Jan,,'05?) at the SKP Ranch in Lakewood ,between Carlsbad and Artesia but skipped the Caverns ,,,didn't want to be that far underground !! Plenty of time for that snowed on once and the rest of the time was nice if I wore my fleece.   I did go to Roswell though , what a hoot !
Stay Tuned

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Traveled to NM many many times, and lived there once, worked at the Super Max in Santa Fe and commuted from Bernalillo, my wife worked in ABQ at the university. We have a long standing love affair with that state.
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I am from michigan and can for sure spread love on new mexico. It was the first place i found freedom an alternative way to live and peaceSmile i lived in gila nm, then built an earthship by buckhorn and reserve. They have a alternative housing community in gila that has been there since the seventies.

Gila national forest is huge and has people living in it and so beautiful and remote, big wild animals there. they also have pay campgrounds that are nice.

A free campground by soccoro, box canyon is really nice it is on

I am seriously considering the state parks for the spring. I had sat down with a list of them and tried figuring out elevation, temos, time of year to go. This will motivate me to get it done this week, thanks!

City of rocks state park is awesome stayed there, feel like u are on another planet with the huge bolders! I like the border so i like poncho villa, but it is pretty sparse like an open field.

Love thinking of new mexico thank u, will come back and post what i find.
I once raced a Roadrunner on I10 in NM, driving to California for Navy tech school. That little bird could run! But I hit the gas and left him behind.
Pretty flat that far south.
Yeah, from the southern Sonoran desert, go east on I10, to NM180. It goes up to I-40 around Gallup. Could go east around Santa Fe and Taos, or west towards Flagstaff. When Flagstaff gets too chilly, on down to Quartzsite.
Downside to TX residency is smog testing in some counties, just so you know, but no state income tax, so that's a good point
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25 years ago I lived in Santa Fe and did enjoy the weather there. It was getting expensive to live there then and I couldn't find a decent job in my tech specialty, so I worked security and at Pep Boys, LOL.

I'm hoping to head to the TorC area in Nov. and spend the winter. 3 years ago I stayed briefly at the Caballo Lake SP and spent time around Socorro and also Taos, living in my Dodge van. This time I will be converting a cargo trailer for some sorely needed extra room. The $225/year deal plus just $4/night for electric sounds good.
(09-29-2017, 08:57 AM)Art Wrote: Downside to TX residency is smog testing in some counties, just so you know, but no state income tax, so that's a good point

I've collected info on the Tx smog counties here.
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