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The Land of Enchanment
83 degrees right now, been hitting 40-50 degrees overnight. Fire restrictions in place at Level 2 which means no campfires but lanterns and grilles with a positive shut-off are OK. 

Plenty of solar if you camp away from the trees.
Wondering About Wandering.
Sounds about perfect
(06-21-2018, 11:29 AM)tx2sturgis Wrote: Bumping this because I'm boondocking in NM for awhile.

I'm camping with friends, in Carson National Forest, on Forest Road 5, up at 9100 feet elevation, cool pleasant nights, warm sunny days, mostly. Cows are free range here, so they wander thru every other day or so. 

Very pleasant place, quiet, and fairly close to Angel Fire which has a grocery store, laundry, mini mart etc.

14 day limit officially, although several others here are living for months while working in Angel Fire or Taos. 

Some spots have no cell service, but we are getting data here on the AT&T Mobley.

Driving up from Angel Fire, it's a hard pull, curvy, mountain road, all paved. Then you have a nice smooth gravel road to these campsites. 

The gravel road is very navigable by modest RVs, vans, pickups, and smaller trailers, but large Class A, large Class C and large trailers need not apply.

Summers here, highly recommended.!26535&query=sitedetails

Looks great! I see you've met up with our friends from the lake. Wicked nice people. Is your rig coming together, now that you've had some time in it? Looking forward to catching up with you again. Hug Cami for me. And yourself. Tongue
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