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Van living & med insurance
If he was insured.
I've given up on trying to get any type of health insurance coverage, Just for me alone I have to pay $900 plus a month for just a basic cover and that doesn't even include emergency medical nor hospital cover.
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(12-16-2018, 09:05 PM)TrainChaser Wrote: If he was insured.

As long as Liv has uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance, she should be ok. Smile

Liv, you have me worried that they're stressing you out for nothing. Please check with your auto insurer.
You've got enough stuff on your plate without any unnecessary anxieties.
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The man was insured but he had just hit another woman maybe a week or two before he hit me. He admitted it - at the scene! He was upset that he had also totaled his newest truck...Oh, dear... I realize he is very young but he is dangerous to himself and to others. The police and EMS were on the scene immediately because not 1/4 away another accident and then while attending me, another accident a 1/2 mile in the other direction. It was like a mob-flash! Game Night on a Saturday. And cell phones...

Anyway my Insurance is being right but his, well, let's just say, even though they found the man 100% at fault - I am NOT in Good Hands with this particular insurance company. They are dragging this out. 

Not only do I still have to pay on my SUV as I did not have GAP, I had to purchase a car (sight unseen) to get back to driving myself and not renting from Enterprise. Fortunately, I found a Honda Element. The back seats lift up and away. My dog and I could easily live in the Element when we go camping. There is a ton of room. As long as it will run, it will do until I can afford another more reliable vehicle. 

This is just another bump in the road (we'll, and the ditch we wound up in) Wink

I really am feeling better already. Just tired and still a bit disgusted but I feel alright. I'm hopeful.
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