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Abo ruins
We visited the Abo ruins near Mountainaire, NM today. The church was built in the 1620s and the surrounding ruins of the Pueblo go back way before that.

Before the Franciscans came in Abo was a trading stop between the plains and Pueblo Indians.

[Image: a89ac8c45f1e4acd52c303636bc18d82.jpg]
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spanish settlement made from adobe bricks ?
You are not the one that ruined it are you? Come on, fess up> We won't tell no one, honest.
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I might have....

We are done for the day but went here:

[Image: 0484e86ca4ac8559bb32d4bf19860345.jpg]

[Image: d9ddffe6b4ade824b3b1892337cd2100.jpg]

[Image: 91968dbb874bb6b25a8e589c6f0000b8.jpg]

[Image: 48f2d3b9dafb84dc29de68b5283e17dc.jpg]

Then we went about 3 miles down the road to a free campsite:

[Image: a3dccbbcbd3e089c4370d62729b4f3f0.jpg]. [Image: 1fa709e6c5d1c4b0a4352ab16d438d24.jpg]

[Image: 937749346e7dcf0dd5a82b5f8d86b299.jpg]

We did about two hundred miles today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
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From the 1620's and earlier? Impressive! Got any more on Billy Bonner? Your B Van is looking GOOD!  Cool
 The Captain and Crew Finally got their stuff together. 
 Now if they can only remember where they put it.   Rolleyes
relics from the old range wars,who gets the water? the cows or the sheep,we shall kill each other to find out

i would just kick back there for a couple and recharge,got to be something that will bite the hook in that water
I thought you were headed to check up on your knee? Take care of yourself, woman!
One gloriously stinkin' badge.
We are headed east but don’t have my first appt until the 16th so we are taking our time. I’m in no rush to get to the cold weather.
Cold and rain. We were out in it. Places were closed. Roads closed due to flooding. It was cold and thunderstorms came. We went home and the whole yard is flooded. Water is running into the breezeway. Two inches of snow yesterday. We were supposed to go to New Jersey this week. Cancelled that. This is tiring. Is there any place dry?
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