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Abo ruins
#11 two are in my stomping grounds....I hope you had a chance to have a meal either at the Ancient Cities cafe there in Mountainaire or the Willard Cantina in Willard. 

Either place makes good food, and anything with green chilli: burgers, breakfast, or enchiladas, will be especially good with the stuff!


Other good eating places are Pennys Diner in Vaughn, The Tire Store (yep!) in Melrose, and Cooks Restaurant in Clovis.
A cat, a dog, and a dude.
Any thoughts about the route you will taking east from where you are?
Tx we are already past those places. We are now in Muleshoe, Tx and will be meandering NE tomorrow. We are going to try to stay off of I-40 and take smaller roads.

Muleshoe has a city RV Park with full hookups for free. It isn’t particularly exciting - more of a parking lot with hookups but it’s free.

We are in for the day after only traveling 100 miles.

[Image: 71c504f1f33542755c2059e8fcbe93e3.jpg]

[Image: a7363d98a7ecb88892e6757380c7ad59.jpg]
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Muleshoe is just one hour from me!

Yeah, quite familiar. Have overnighted there many times. You will see trucks parked on the backside of the big Allsups, next to McDonalds, and several other places along the main drag. 

Leal's (pronounced Lee-Al's) has good Mexican food, its right across from the United Grocery Store.
A cat, a dog, and a dude.
Can’t wait to try the food down there and find out about the chili’s

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