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Long ago I became caught up in my imagination with the concept and ideas of the Moneyless Manifesto.

I followed him, read everything he ever published.  Paid for it too..even though it is free.  

For a couple years before I started to actually build a rig of my own, I joined the CRVL forum.   Only place in town where I could find the information I was seeking.     

Since Nov. of last year I have seen this utube “stuff”.  The obvious monetizing of information.   Since January I have seen first hand the damage the selling of a pipe dream is doing to some people out on BLM land.    To say nothing of the damage to reputation of Vandweller’s the large hordes of people are causing.    But, worse, the monetizing of information in the first person.   (Really?  Charge to camp with someone?  Charge for advise?).   Using people to provide content for the continued monetizing of a utube channel.   

I was misled by the feeling of comrades in Ehrenberg.   The feeling of community and I let myself believe that a community of people helping each other and having each other’s back was actually happening.   

I still want to find that or create that, but I am also jaded now....warily entering interactions.    

Don’t get this wrong...I am not looking to take anything from anyone ... but, have value to offer, and a generous spirit to give where it helps.  

Is this doomed to be a life of solo nomads?   Is an actual altruistic community just a dream?

This has been on my chest for a while.   I doubt this could be posted over on crvl ... deleted within minutes.   Some of those moderators are among the people making money by luring others out here when they don’t have the resources to make it.

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
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Well said; I agree with you!!!!!!
"You don’t have to go. You can stay home. It’s up to you. But if you let fear stop you from doing what you really want to do, you’ll regret that forever." - Allison Fallon
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OMG! The emperor has no clothes.....

Say it aint so.
Wondering about Wandering.
Back in the 70,s there was a bumper sticker. CASH GRASS OR ASS.  NOBODY RIDES FOR FREE 

Back in the 60’s the communes were popular. They all were sold out. 

Then we have religious communities. Same story. 

Why should that event be so different?  The background of the organizers should have told you wtf would happen. 

The users are out and looking for fat sheep to sheer. Welcome to flocking gathering.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated 
charge to camp with someone??? you dont have to answer but i would like to know who,i'm just the asshole to do cookies in their camp and confront them on it,that pisses me off

where are you at? maybe hooking up with some members here and getting your yarc sticker pirate edition will change your attitude
Moneyless Manifesto... I had to look it up to see what you were talking about. What I found in a few minutes wasn't very clear. Mainly, it created questions.

The first thought that came to my mind was that there are people out there who think they should be handed what they want or need. But that doesn't seem to be very likely.

The U.S. has spent a bit more than the last 100 years cultivating a mentality of acquisition for things. Many/most Americans can no longer distinguish the difference between Need and Want.

So...... is this Moneyless Manifesto a vision of being able to live without working? I could see trading as a reasonable replacement, such as exchanging your time doing some kind of work in exchange for food, etc. But there seems to be an attitude out there that some people should be given 'stuff' without any exchange in sight. Like welfare. You want it, so you automatically deserve to get it.

Is that what the Moneyless Manifesto is?

If so, it would seem to be a decidedly uphill battle. Americans have been trained to Want and Take for the last fifty years. Faced with a New Idea of just giving stuff away, there's going to be mulish opposition to handing away stuff you've earned to people who just plan to panhandle their way through life.

Maybe I'm way off base here, and if so, please explain.
Caroline charges to camp with her. From what I was told by a moderator on the other forum, you have to be a supporting contributor ($100per month)for a few months before you are considered to camp with.

Bob was getting money to set up newbies with someone to mentor them..paying a sum to the mentor out of that money so the mentor would camp with them.

I am just now arriving back in Ehrenberg. Plan to hang here until it warms up a bit..then start North..Lake havasu then up to Zion natl park..etc. moving north.

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
Train need to read the whole thing.

He begins simply by stating (at length) why the monetized system is a failed system and cheapens everyone and every interpersonal relationship. He probably spends far too many chapters on it...but, I think he is laying out the whole argument first. A few minutes read is not enough.

Just an example....

He took care of a friends kids for a day. No money changed hands. The mother was able to work and earn some extra cash, and didn’t have to pay a day care. The kids had a far better enrichment experience, and he contributed to the total sense of community.. without doubt, should he have a need she or others in the community could help with, that help,would be there. BUT, let’s say she paid him some cash for it. The whole transaction is cheapened. begins and ends with cash. Nothing is built in the relationship.

The moneyless manifesto lays out a way to live and work all the while building greater value in the community. Say you are a cook for everyone. Maybe you are a gardener, great at piecing things together, or a whole host of thing. Does it mean you aren’t working just because dollars are not changing hanging hands?

Please, take the time to read the whole thing. Or..maybe skip to the chapters deeper in the book?

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
No, thanks, I won't be reading it.

Please just answer one question: What are you supposed to live on?

Even in the hippie communes of the 60s, there were always the people who did the work, and those who sat back and smoked pot and asked when dinner would be ready.
sounds like the barter system to me

some how money has become a thing when it really isnt,it's a medium between my things and labors and the things and labor i need/want

need to think on how to address the bob and carolyn thing,thats unacceptable
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