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ny times article about the rtr
I learned a lot from Bob's site, and there's no denying that. But he's been editing his older videos and is now only showing the plus sides of van living, and ignoring the negative ones. I don't think this is right.
I donno... I’m pretty new here and just beginning to prep for full time life in my Chinook.
Here’s my thoughts... not that they matter, haha

I’ve been looking for a way to live full time in a small RV or van for 2 years. At first all I could find was rich, mostly white, retired people in gianormous Class A RVs and a bunch of little yapping dogs. I could not identify. I thought these people would hate me if I pulled into one of those RV parks in my old small home on wheels, with my tattoos and huge German Shepherd. We would have zero to nothing in common.

About 3 months ago I found CRVL... I saw the RTR. I began to subscribe to people on YouTube and I thought hey... damn those look like my people, blue collar, lower income, a bit of diversity even sprinkled in there! So I began to watch, kinda obsessively even, all the videos I could find on this “tribe” of people I felt were like me, or kinda like me.

Bob seemed very kind and before I realized how kind of famous he was, I emailed him, he responded and we’ve emailed back and forth a few times since. His videos have helped me find a community I want to be a part of. Do I think he’s a God... Nope. Just another human being with his flaws like the rest of us.
Do I think each word he says is gold? Nope... I do worry about people entering this lifestyle who are not prepared for it and failing miserably.

When I actually launch this late fall, I will have spent a full 10 months preparing and learning and asking for help and making sure my Chinook is 100% safe and sound and that it has the things I need to be comfortable living in it. I’m very lucky to have support and a little bit of savings to get ready for this huge transition.

I work with homeless, street based, injection drug users in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. I know the issues many homeless have up close and personal. It’s complex and complicated. People are vulnerable and if someone who is low income, disabled or has mental illness just drives out to the desert I can see a disaster waiting to happen if they haven’t thought it through, planned extensively and have the skills to be resourceful and some back up savings etc.

So yeah, I take it all with a grain of salt, I get the information I need and ignor the stuff that over glorifies life on the road. I hope other do as well.

As far as Carolyn goes, hey good for her... she’s livin’ da life. I’ve watched her journey unfold and at first I really like her stuff, but now she seems to be trying too hard to market and monetize her life so I’m losing interest. But she too seems like a good person, neither one of them are out trying to hurt people, I really think they want to help others and to earn a living. Guess I’m okay with that. Anyone who glorifies them or thinks they have all the answers needs to think twice though. They are humans, nothing more.

For real practical assistance I’ve found this forum and a Chinook forum I belong to to be most helpful. I’ll still use the CRVL forum, probably mostly for meet ups or whatever when I’m out there.

So there’s my thoughts!
C yah out there!
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Hollis where will you be going in late fall? If you get to Quartzsite you’ll have to come by the YARC Camp

Many, many, many people at rtr are not or were no blue collar workers. It’s really a mix.

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