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The Trump administration just approved tariffs of 30% on imported solar panels.
I Fired up my 4X280W locally sourced leftovers for $105 each yesterday. Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Ran the Heat gun and the input went to nearly 900w with one panel partly shaded. I'm getting the juice.

Check craigslist regularly for installers selling leftovers cluttering up the warehouse.
Sounds like you did very well on the solar setup.Congrats.
At Home Depot and Lowes I just show them my VA healthcare card.  Every veteran needs to register with the VA even if you don't intend to use their healthcare because you never know when you might need it.  My Dad was a WWII vet and didn't want to use the VA until he had to take some shots that cost about $450 each.  I use my medicare and get my prescriptions from the VA. JMHO.
Niceeeee set up ZoNie! That's more than I have until I tilt the big panel on the truck. Keeping that tilted and tracking to hold 30 amps all day long is huge. The 750w on the roof will hold 50 amps through the peak of the day.

All of my panels have come off of craigslist for as little as $50 each with the leads still taped to the back. Installer left overs are rarely grade B panels.
Thank you Dear Leader for all the benefits we are now enjoying.

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