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If a solenoid only has one small contact and two large then it gets it ground, for the electromagnet, through the mounting bolts.

If it has 2 small contacts then feed + and - to them however is cleanest to your install, or flip a coin..

Direction on the 2 larger terminals with the battery cables, only matters with diode based isolators.

Which circuit did you tap? Does the solenoid click when the starter is engaged and again once you let the key spring back, assuming your switch is on.

Is your switch illuminated? its light can take the place of listening for clicks when cranking the engine.

A voltmeter on house batteries, if they were contributing to starter motor current, would drop at least half a volt during engine cranking.
this has 3 factory blades 10-15-20? amp
electric choke ,solenoid and aftermarket stereo which begs the question,where is the factory radio hot wire?,so i might gain one

didnt check it in start but no power when the key is off and ordered a 60 pack of glass fuses

sure would of been nice to have basic instructions on the makers website,Bubba on utube doesnt cut it for me,the interweb has become full of crap and finding official source material has become difficult
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ATC fuse tap
I like to put in 2 fuse blocks in the cab .
One for always on and another for on while running.
Lots of extra fuses for add ons later .
Located where I don't have to play contortionist on the floor under a dash if possible .
My class A had a lift off dash top attached with some clasp latches. Sweet.
Sometimes I even add pilot lights ,,,,,for some reason I love pilot lights ???

It would be really cool if you can squeeze it all on factory wiring and fuses though....
Stay Tuned

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