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Water damage, the good the bad and other upgrades
With the help of some members here, I was able to figure out how to post a link
from crvl to here. I still have a lot of work to do on the rv, but winter has put a stop
to the work for now.

It is just to cold, or there is rain and snow to deal with.
But in the mean time I have been buying parts and pieces that I need to continue the
rebuild and upgrade process once the weather warms up.
2001 Phoenix Cruiser 2300B
On A Ford E350 Chassis
V10 Engine
Photobucket really screwed up my thread by deleting my pictures.
I reposted as many pictures as I could, and they start on page 26.

If you like my rebuild and upgrade project, please rate this thread.

2001 Phoenix Cruiser 2300B
On A Ford E350 Chassis
V10 Engine
I have kind of a major update.

Both of my parents passed away today 2/8/18, with in two hours of each other.
Everything is left to me via a living trust, so when I sell the house and other items, and after paying off any
outstanding bills that they had, I should have a decent amount amount of money left over if everything works out
like I hope it will.

My plans, if everything works out is to sell my rv that I have now, and buy the rv I really want.
What I really want is a Class B rv, not a new sprinter type Class B, but a used late 90,s to mid 2000`s

It will probably be a month of a little more before I can even consider doing anything, because dealing with everything
is a slow process. I will post my rv for sale here if and when the time comes for a very low reasonable price, including all of
the new parts I havn`t installed yet.
2001 Phoenix Cruiser 2300B
On A Ford E350 Chassis
V10 Engine
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Aw Shadow how awful. The same day? I feel bad for you.
I hope you are doing ok.
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Oh my. I can't image what you must be going through. Sorry for your loss

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Wow Shadow , that's a whole lot to have to deal with all at once !
So sorry to hear they have both passed together, but know it probably is how they wanted it to go too.....

Looks like Shadow 2.0 is about to get into gear !
Whoever gets that rig will be one lucky camper , wish it was me .
I hope the new classB has a whole lot less to be fixed  !
AND sure whatever it needs will be ezy peazy for your newly developed skills .
Feel free to PM me (or any of us) if you want someone to talk to.
Stay Tuned

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Sorry to hear your loss. Sad Your parents are now together again for eternity, God Bless them.
 This must be terribly hard on you, so try and keep them in your Heart, and remember the good times.
Good Luck in your new ventures.
 The Captain and Crew Finally got their stuff together. 
 Now if they can only remember where they put it.   Rolleyes
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tough one for you but a sign of true love for them

you've done so much and such a good job on the rv just to start again but i understand the getting what you want thing
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My fondest memory of my dad is the quality time I spent with him the last year or two of his life. Making a difference for him turned out to be very satisfying. Thanks for being a good son.

One door closes...another opens. Looks like you have a plan moving forward. I wish you peace in your memories of the past as you move on toward your future.
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Dealing with this is harder than you think, and there is no book that tells you what to do next, you have to figure it all out
by your self.

My parents didn`t want a funeral, just wanted to be cremated and that's it, so that's what I had done, and even at that, it was over four thousand dollars. Then there is dealing with the other bills that they had, as well as cleaning out the house and work shop so I can get it ready to sell.

And the best part I found out today. My mom was in a care home for two years that was paid for by medicaide, and I found out today that I have to repay all of it. I havn`t got the total amount yet, but it is some were around 96000 to 104000 dollars.

So I have to sell everything of value, which is not a big deal, because when I move into my rv I wouldn`t have room for
it anyway. It is very over whelming to say the least, and I have to get everything done as soon as possible because I only have
a small amount of money to keep things going here...
2001 Phoenix Cruiser 2300B
On A Ford E350 Chassis
V10 Engine
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