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LP Gas tanks mounted on hitch cargo carrier?
Hi all. I am planning to mount two 30 lb propane tanks on the cargo carrier mounted on the rear hitch of my van. They will be mounted on a standard trailer type propane tank holder bolted to the cargo carrier. I figured that I would strap them down as well.
I understand the possibility of being rear ended, ect.  My question to you all is, should I expect to be hassled by the police or highway patrol type people about it?

I appreciate an input that you all might have about this idea of mine. I hope that I will be able to do it this way as I would prefer not to have to purchase one of those horizontal under carriage motor home deals.

Thanks, Steve in Kernville, CA
I would not want to drive around with propane cylinders strapped to the rear of my vehicle n a regular basis. They may deter an alert driver from tail gating you in traffic, I'm afraid the percentage of alert drivers has gone down drastically with all the self inflicted distractions today. Think texting. If I were to seriously consider this, I would extend the rear bumper and locate them on a platform on top, and away from initial impact.
Plus there are rules to think about when it comes to the department of transportation. Propane cylinders are more restricted, while propane tanks are not. Learn more about that here.
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Oddly enough, it's the National Fire Code that covers this sort of thing on RVs, rather than motor vehicle codes or DOT regulations.  Specifically, NFPA 1192.  It's hard to find anything on this online for free, the NFPA makes a good chunk of the funds needed to run their organization by SELLING their code books to the people who need them.  But here's a pdf of a first draft report of the 2014 edition:

Note that section says that:  "Containers shall not be mounted on the exterior of the rear wall or the rear bumper of the vehicle."

Lots of other stuff in

As to whether you would be hassled by the cops for this, hard to say.  I've never seen anybody mount their tanks this way, so I've also never seen anyone ticketed for doing so.

But it is illegal to do so.  States usually incorporate the entire National Fire Code into their laws by simply stating that the current code is incorporated.


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I thank you both very much for investigating this issue for me. I am somehow not good at computer investigations of this sort. I think that I must use the wrong search wording or something.
The NFPA fire code is quite pricey. I used to have it on my desk at some projects that I worked on, but I never looked at the parts of it pertaining to vehicles.

Okay, so now I am thinking of securing the tanks in the vehicle while I drive then put them on the back while I camp.
lol, this may also be technically illegal, but certainly not as conspicuous. I will have a propane leak detector inside anyway. I smoke cigars while I drive, so I wanted the tanks outside. maybe in a few months I could save up some social security check money and get the outside, under-side RV tanks. I'll have to look under there to see about space to mount that.

Again, thanks so much for your time and effort.
I have seen a van with a propane tank mounted on the rear end of a roof rack. He was moving pretty fast past me, but it almost looked like there was a hose going through a hole in the glass in the upper left corner of the left rear window. I could be wrong about the hose.
Gee , I wish I could lift a propane tank up onto a roof of a van ! Sad
Stay Tuned

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(01-08-2018, 07:35 AM)rvpopeye Wrote: Gee , I wish I could lift a propane tank up onto a roof of a van ! Sad

Me too
A pulley-thing hanging from a tree branch?
S Cello-  I have a 1992 Ford F150 that has a propane tank mounted under it. Inside the frame. They removed the front fuel tank and installed it. I plan to use the same tank in a different location under whatever bus I get. It is 30 gallons as well.

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