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A little surf video for Sternwake
So chillax.

So how does that 'hang ten' thing on long boards work anyway?  Does the wave coming over the back of the board counterbalance? 

So cool.
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I like how it starts out With Fela Kuti's
'Water no get enemy'

I was on a serious Fela Kuti kick for a large part of this year that began with this song:

The best noserider surfboards have a lot of tail rocker. The water flowing under the board sticks to the tail curve and tries to pull the tail downwards, thus the nose upwards.

Nose concave also provide lift which can aid noseriding.

Really it is a combination of compound curves which allows for a good noseriding longboard rather thanjust one particular feature
Honestly Nose riding is not all that hard. Especially with a good board and a light weight surfer. I see many lightweight relatively unskilled surfers who can shuffle, instead of cross step, to the nose and spend most of the wave up there with little adjustment required to the line taken, and think they are masters, when they are anything but.

But it is an incredible feeling and incredibly fun, so I forgive them.

When one weighs 220 Lbs, good noseriding requires more finesse.
Thanks for the link to Fela Kuti. I like world music quite a bit.

Melly Kalikimaka!
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Fela Kuti's complex rhythms are gold.

But all of Africa is a gold mine of world music.

Check out some of the 70's highlife from Ghana.

De frank and the professionals' and dozens of others.

Follow the related links on the right. So many good ones.

If you like a little more a latin beat check out Star band de Dakar.... Senegal

If you are more into rock and roll, the country of Zambia in the 70's produces incredible riffs and beats
Chrissy Zebby Tembo
Paul Gnozi
The Peace
Salty Dog

All these are pretty surfy.

I'll link a current favorite:

I spent years without listening to anything but that which came out of Africa in the 70's.

But now I am on a reggae kick and just found a modern artist I really like.

The whole "Jam in the Van" series is worthy of its own thread. Its already turned me on to two great modern bands I would have remained ignorant of.
'Boogaloo assassins' and 'Hurray for the Riff Raff'. So far

The assassins 'do you want to dance' is so good.

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