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Amazon offering job placements for seasonal work
I came across this Job advert for senior campers across my online travels it's an Amazon job offer for sesonal jobs the link is below for anyone who might be interested.

The camperforce is a good way to make some pretty decent money around the holidays.
HOWEVER be sure you can spend a 10+ hour day on your feet .
Spend as much as you can afford on 2 pairs of the MOST comfy shoes you can find !
You gonna rack up some miles in a major way.
Stay Tuned

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Becky at INTERSTELLAR ORCHARD has done the Amazon Camperforce gig for five years running, and her blog posts on the subject cover pretty much everything you would want to know about it.


I don't like to make advance plans.  It causes the word PREMEDITATED get thrown around in the courtroom!
I'm NOT crazy!  My mother had me tested! Cool
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I thought they were abolishing the camper force?

either way, the concept of being on your feet isnt all that bad. Im young but no way am In shape. Ive been doing 12hr shifts for 2 months now, 6 days a week. Footwear will either make you or break you. I wear timberland pro boots year round and been most comfy for me.

Its an adjustment though
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  • Anna (11-23-2017)
I think this is a great idea if you need to finance your independence. At 61 and retired, sitting in a rocking lawn chair in front of my rig watching a desert sunset has more value to me than money.
Traveling.  It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

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