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Does anyone have a backup plan after RVing?
She Devil, thanks for the enlighteninment about malaria. Sounds like may have been liver malaria but I’ll never know. Treatment is improving I heard on the BBC radio.
Roadtrip when it gets close to the time you are leaving I’ll send you the coordinates.

We should have a high flying flag up

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Try taking bicarb soda mixed with maple syrup as a warm drink. It neutralizes the acid in your stomach and makes it more alkaline.
People that are loving and affectionate are like delicate flowers, if you don't show them love in return and nurture them daily, they will build up a wall between you and eventually you will lose their love and trust.

(12-20-2018, 04:37 AM)SheDevil Wrote:  I have to admit America is nothing like i had imagined it would be all i can say is that it's not for everyone especially not for me. 

     I read a good article no that long ago, and I wish I had bookmarked it.  But the basics of it was about people moving either far away from home in their own country or to another country all together, and I guess psychologically it affects the same part of the brain similarly.  And it came down to certain personalities,  some people are just able to do it and thrive and others inevitably hate it and want to or do return to their home area.  The study seemed to suggest there's really not much you can do to change it either......even those who made good friends and developed a good network similar to their home, they never could adjust to the new surroundings.  And others can move all over and be content as can be.  
      You embarked on a huge adventure, something most only dream of.  And you get to go home too.  I say even if it wasn't what you anticipated, you did something you set out to do and that's a success in my book.
I was transplanted a lot as a kid. And we haven’t stayed put much as adults. I’d say make the best of where ever you are. Bloom where you are planted. See what sites you can, do what you want. Find joy and fun where you go. Life is too short for would have could have should have. Go do stuff now while you can. Put the houses on hold, they will wait a bit. Nothing is ever perfect. For $900 a month you should afford to find a natural dr and a good chiropractor and get healthy if you drop the insurance.
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when one of us can't handle nomad rv life, we will decide the best location from our travels, go buy a townhouse and live it out til the end. our exit plan is simple when needed Smile

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