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Does anyone have a backup plan after RVing?
I’ve never been any good at that.

I think I’m moving to Arizona for some cheap living, and summer hell, until I can get the damn credit card paid off. Financially this has been a rough year.

I suppose my back up plan is to go back to work, work my self to death, and die a miserable failure. This is also know as the American Dream.......

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My folks didn’t want to be a burden to my brother and I so they refused help and fortunately for them had enough of a pension and SS that they were able to go on till natural causes did its job. 

While I can’t count on that (income or a premature natural cause), I’ve thought that being near the tail end of the baby boom, by the time I’m 70 there should have been some change in the medical and retirement system (overhaul in a positive manner). 

That doesn’t look very likely now. 

My son may soon be transferred far away and I can’t go there (military) so I will just have to be like many other seniors; hole up in some van, trailer or shack and await my time. Sounds really fun.  Huh
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My mind keeps going back to mine and Ron's original plan whereby a few like minded people invest in a few acres some place not too far from town and live off the land. Make it into a type of Van park with all the amenities and make the place self efficient for all it's members in retirement age.
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