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Finally joined
Hi, folks!  I'm the other snikwah...sometimes referred to as Mr. Sniky or even Grumpy Sniky (think I saw that used here--it's a handle I acquired in the past--even have a couple of the Grumpy the Dwarf T-shirts and haven't worn them out yet).

Been researching the van dwelling thing for a while now.  I am quite familiar with vans--drove them for work trucks for over 20 years.  I've been a carpenter/remodeler for over 30 years, so vans are handy for that.  Once, about 20 years ago, one of my carpenter friends remarked, as we were packing up for the day, that he had to go home, clear all the tools out of his pickup and put them in the garage and lock it before he could go in the house.  But all I had to do was pull in the drive, lock the van and go on in!  But when he replaced his old pickup, what did he get?  Another open pickup!

So, yeah, I like vans.  Started with a '68 Volkwagen bus back in the '70s, over the years we have had 3 Dodges and 8 Chevy/GMC vans.  I like the 3/4 ton, 350 engine; we've mostly had conversion vans and occasional passenger models--in Indiana it's cheaper for license plates for non-commercial vehicles.

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Howdy Mr. Sniky!!!! Great to see you here!

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I’m being followed.
That first van, the Volkswagen bus was an interesting POS. The motor had been rebuilt. It had lots of room. That was what was good part. Once when I drove it over a railroad track the stick shifter fell off. When ever I tried to use the sliding door it would either close, jam or fall off. Mostly if the weather was nice it would close. If it was freezing cold it would jam. If it was pouring down rain and night time and I had the crying or sleeping baby back there it fell off. Then I had to call Mr. Sniky to come and fix it. The door would go right together for him. Then we traded one POS for another. The next van was a brand new Dodge Van. 1977 I think. It would stall in the middle of an intersection. The doors never did work right. Then one time we had an old Uhaul van. Most of the doors didn’t work on it. Just only the rear door. The rest were bungee shut. If Mr Sniky went to the dump he had to climb in and out a window. This last Chevy Van we got is so far the nicest we have ever had. Mr. Sniky better not haul stuff to the dump in it.
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I had a 1983 Chevy diesel conversion van... I've never walked so much in my entire life... in the cold... like 19 degrees!!
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Welcome Mr Sniky! Your wifey ain't right!

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(11-15-2017, 05:35 PM)snikwahpn Wrote: Hi, folks!  I'm the other snikwah...sometimes referred to as Mr. Sniky or even Grumpy Sniky 

well THIS should be interestin!   welcome Mr. Sniky !   Big Grin
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I told the other one that I kept reading the name "Sink and swim," and now you've joined up.

I have dixlesia really bad. I'm totally fucked.'ll probably be that Sinky person person with a split-personality.

I welcome the other half of you. I hope to sit at a campfire with you one of these days so I can get it sorted out for realz.

Until then, nice to meet you again.
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Welcome Mr Sniky, tell your wife to forget about VW vans. Dodges are workable. Wink
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welcome to the forum,so snikwah is some adventure lifestyle acronym?
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