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Building a chemically safe van
Got my plastic ‘tin’ panels at menard’s a few years ago. That is a lot of ceiling. I want metal around my stove though.
Ok... so your headliner board is attached to oak boards in the ceiling??
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If you're sensitive to dust I would recommend minimizing fabric wherever possible. Fabric that's not easily washed, like upholstry, seems to gradually gather dust and can also end up home to dust mites.

For adhesive solutions and outgassing concerns, have you heard of AFM Safecoat's products? In my experience their sealers don't always completely stop outgassing, but it always at least helps significantly. It's been a key part of what I fondly refer to as the "terraforming" process I go through whenever I need to make a new space tolerable for me to exist in without my respirator.

Throwing out the idea of organic wool carpeting as something you might be interested in?

As an alternative insulation to foam, I wonder if any of this no-VOC insulation batting could work? Lots of options to consider there, from wool to cork to...hemp?

I think the best way forward is how you're going. Stick a toe in, try something out, see how it feels along the way. Prioritize what you know your body needs above anything else throughout the build. Whenever possible, obtain small samples of what you're considering to see how you do with the material. I know I've been surprised both in what I could tolerate, and what I thought I could but definitely can't! Even with some natural materials.

Which reminds me: you mentioned flooring in a van. Natural linoleum is the non-toxic version of vinyl flooring, which might interest you. Marmoleum is the most well known brand of it, but there are others. You do want to test it first because some people react to the smell of linseed oil. If it works for you I could see it being a relatively simple option to put in a van.
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Those insulation ideas were why I was asking about the oak boards... if you can use a natural material to insulate with, that would be ideal, but it would have to stay dry or easily be replaced when it gets wet, so stuffing it under the headliner panels screwed to the oak boards would be great!
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It has ceiling panels with foam covered fabric. The oak boards look to cover the panel joints. I don’t know if they hold them in place or not. They would rattle if that’s all they did. I wonder about gluing paper maps on the panels and sealing them. I don’t think the roof leaks but if I boil something it could steam it. I am concerned about all the old fabric and dust, too. I looked into marmoleum for our kitchen but you have to buy a lot of it... it also would need a plywood base and that can outgass. I’ve also thought about just removing the carpet and padding and putting down a few rugs. Shake out or replace when they get gross... I can’t breathe around some wool. Some wool gives me shakes. Once I was sewing a 17th century wool waistcoat and i shook and couldn’t focus. I finished it somehow. The last time I worked on a wool coat for my husband, I shook and got disoriented. It’s in a box nearly finished somewhere... I took a detox bath right away. Fabric can outgas what ever chemicals were used in the process. I wash all new clothing before I wear it. I wonder if I forgot to wash the wool? I wear natural fibers. Wrinkled up bag lady look... Fabric could be glued on decoupage style as could paper. I’m thinking there is a way to do it with Elmer’s glue. Covered with glue the fabric might not collect so much dust. Any ideas?
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went on google and found this

didnt read through it but if turns out to be good let me know and i will add it to the links thread i have yet to make
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Gary, I haven’t read all of it but it is a good resource even if you don’t think you have chemical or mold related health problems. I got an idea for the ceiling and will look at Menards next chance I have to get out of here.
Wonder if you can wrap some thin panel sheets, think regular wall paneling, with fabric and then attach them long ways down the ceiling edge to edge. Sort of like a hardwood floor but with fabric. The fasteners could be the decorative head type.

From reading the link Gary posted, hard vinyl planks should work on floors. Soft vinyl not so good. I need to test and see if I can breathe. My husband was doing contract remodeling and he studied this a few years ago when I was pretty sick. Eliminating the big offenders is a real good start. Carpet and that foam fabric have to all go. Bye bye time capsule...
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Hello healthy home on wheels!!!!!
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