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Truck camper
You gonna get some antennas up on that thing?
YARC : Drunk in the Mud/Keeper of the Dingy/Ears [Image: L3000.gif]
Oh heck yeah...

Nobody makes the high-rise topper in fiberglass for the Nissan XD, 8 foot

The topper I ordered is an oversize commercial aluminum framed unit with a roof ladder rack...think solar panels and antennas!
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YARC : Drunk in the Mud/Keeper of the Dingy/Ears [Image: L3000.gif]
Made some progress today moving out of the van. Wow....4 years of accumulated stuff in there!

I've still got a lot to do, removing radios, some of my wiring, and then clean it up, and then sell it. 

I don't know how it will go trying to remove the graphics, I assume I will have some luck with a heatgun....updates will follow.
Wondering about Wandering.
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might find some forgotten goodies,i was going thru old clothes and found a nice gerber folder i forgot about
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Are the graphics painted on?

If not Amazon sells a rubber wheel you put on your drill that takes them off
Amazon is evil...EVIL I say.


No they are decals, and of course, it's too cold to try to remove them today...


But yeah, I plan to use a heatgun, and if that doesn't work I will take the van to the shop that put them on and see what they can do.
Wondering about Wandering.

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