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4L80e Transmission dropping out of overdrive
As this 4L80e will be used for towing I’ll definitely heed those suggestions for extra fluid cooling. Not sure which type to get yet. The flat plate coolers sure look good and take a little less space. Ive got extra stainless steel flat plate heat exchangers in storage and could probably heat my domestic water this way. If it’s trying to keep the water and fluid around 110 degrees that’s nice and cool for a Tx and nice and warm for a shower. The problem would be once the water reaches temperature it is no longer effectively cooling the TX. So a buffer tank might be needed to shed off extra heat. So much for simplicity and the KISS principle.. 
 Still in limbo regarding the Tx issue. Gave up on the forums for now and started in on the Transmission Bench videos which are pretty easy to follow they are so slow. In a different video the  technician literally had the entire transmission in pieces in minutes but I couldn’t see what he was doing that fast. 
 But it’s getting it out and back in the vehicle that’s the bugger. The Transmission Bench is slow and methodical and hypnotic so I fell asleep lol. 
 The problem with the transmission bench videos is the entire truck would have to be rebuilt to keep up with those standards. Everything on a vehicle is in the process of wear and degradation. 
 I’ll keep working on it. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
Told you I’d be back.....all work and no play makes Roadtripp a dull boy. 
 Seriously, regarding tranny flushes I just realized on my previous Ford E450 Short Bus the tranny went out one year after a flush at iffy lube. I had sold it because of the vulnerable 6.0 diesel cylinder head bolts and egr system and then the new owner called and said they made it 1000 miles before the tranny went out. Something about the tailshaft. 
 They asked me if I knew the tranny was going out. I felt bad but not too bad. I didn’t know. I was too busy worrying about the engine. Goes to show worrying is a waste of time and energy. But the hair was standing up on the back of my neck for some reason lol. A gut feeling I couldnt put my finger on. But won’t return for any flushes. Like Popeyes said along with power washing electrical it’s bad juju.

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