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Tonopah Sunset
Strange weather.
Front moving in and then sunset happened.
This is from Hwy 95 Tonopah - BLM view point.
Not my RV in the image.

The pdf is the png with the wrong file type. Don't bother clicking on it. Edit won't let me remove it.

Mods: Can someone remove the .pdf attachment?

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  • rvpopeye (06-06-2019), Blanch (06-06-2019)
go to your usercp,on the left,manage attachments

nice pics
Nice shots!

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Beautiful sunset in what looks like a peaceful, serene place.
love the color in those shots, sweet!
(06-05-2019, 10:02 PM)Blacktank Wrote: go to your usercp,on the left,manage attachments

nice pics

Thanks for the tip. It's so easy cavemen could do it, if they knew where to click.

Y'all are welcome.

I was just lucky to be there at the time, and to be outside to notice the colors.

I have taken images of a lot of sunsets in the three plus years I have been in the SW.
Hey Wayne...………….are you still in the area...….I hope to be near Tonopah in a few days...…..Headed for Cooler temps in Oregon


(No PM's ?.....what's with that ? )
"Two Cats and THE DOUG"

Whereabouts unknown...……...
Hi Doug,
Still here. Cool temps here today and for the weekend.
Hwy 95 BLM is empty, except for myself.
"No PMs." Don't remember setting that. I guess it merits a second trip today to usercp.

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