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Where did my van go???
I get that if you are truly thinking of another vehicle maybe in the future and see how your traveling goes, don't attach...we also employ this method in rvs we owned over the years. I always told hubby I wanted this and that and he would say, yea but if we sell, and we did Smile so I was glad I didn't change a ton. Keeps better value if you don't make big real changes and then put it on the market. People might not like your taste and with a van build out that isn't attached you can then take from that when selling and use again if required....hey your money already spent, might as well use what ya can from it down the line Smile

I am not a cook much and never liked kitchen duty so I hear ya on keeping a kitchen area very simple. Moving things around to cook would make me ticked cause I don't like spending time on cooking since it doesn't interest me. A grill, a few utensils and done for me LOL Other's are chef types and want that amenity and are willing to move a lot of cookware and more around to make them happy, to me it is JUST work like you said.

Good thing is you sound like you know what you want, so now you can make it happen on your terms.
I've redone my bed twice in the last 4 years in my 22' TT.  This time I raised the head 6 inches and think It's helping me.  I quit worrying about resale value a long time ago; I'm making it comfortable for ME.  I had a 42 footer with 3 slides for 8 years and when I sold it I was just happy to get rid of it.  Rv's are not investments; they are expenses.
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thing is we don't keep ours that long to want to monkey it up too much with real changes. We kinda trade for new whenever we want on a whim kinda thing, we love love love rvs but told hubby when we lock onto one we will own longer for our full time rig I will be changing things to suit us....thing is our rv suits us well. I really don't need to change anything actually. Longest we had one of ours was like, hmm, 3-4 years then onto another. We've owned a lot of rvs thru the years. (yea yea no one has to tell me about depreciation and all that LOL, we know, we don't care one bit)
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your dialog or change any minds: just adding my 2 cents worth.
I’m always thinking and tinkering and tweaking my rig. It’s been a running debate with my older brother who loves to restore vehicles to totally stock. Which I dont mind if it was a luxury I could afford. I’m too concerned with improving and innovating the vehicle from a “recreational vehicle” or “passenger” design for temporary use by a family to a workhorse machine intended for prolonged use. Also I’m very tall so changing the height of everything has become a habit. 
 Resale isn’t as much of a concern as the vehicles I’ve owned were inexpensive and needing work when I got them. 
 Bought two Chevy short bus: $200 for gasser, $800 for diesel . Both were vandalized by a fire and the the lenses melted on the rear. Insurance company refused to insure vehicles involved in a fire so they sat for a year or two under Seattle  trees with moss and lichen growing rapidly.  Lots of pressure washing, fluid changes, and nursing and the gasser will hopefully be a good vehicle. Parts like the mirrors and couple side lights were taken. One rear window vandalized. Brake cylinder and brake line leaked. First time I flared a brake line. Took half a day. If I’d done it before maybe a hour. 
 The diesel I fixed up and sold. It was a lot of work but I made a little profit  on it. It was much too noisy for me. And more power than I need. I grew up in Africa with 50’s and 60’s Vauxhalls, Peugeot’s, Land Rovers so when I moved to the USA a Datsun seemed like a powerhouse. I didn’t try a V8 until I was 45. Now after 15 years of trying various V8 powered vehicles I’m headed back towards smaller vehicles again. I do enjoy my current Chevy 5.0L and 5.7L V8 however. 
 I’d love a high top Toyota van with the 3.4 L double overhead cam engine and a small cargo trailer. So to comment directly on the original post I’ve read that the Toyota 3.0L can be replacedwith the superior 3.4L. I might look for a van with a bad3.0 and swap in a rebuilt or low miles3.4

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