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body donation
A friend I went to school & we took drivers ed together said I drove up on the sidewalk & chased people into stores. He got a job at a creamatorium & at his 1st one he looked in the little window & the guy sat up which happens when things contract.
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So, one has to trust that the proper ashes were sent?

The time I had to almost bite my tongue off.

I bring a friend to a pet crematorium as she wants to pickup the ashes of her dead cat. Very somber affair. The guy at the desk pushes the intercom and asks for the grey tabbys ashes to be brought from the back. The guy in the back doesn't know the person collecting said tabby is standing there.
"One scoop or two"
Comes over the intercom...

I didn't know they did mass cremation with pets. My friend laughs about it now but at the time not so much.

As for me the only thing they'd be interested in is my spartan olyimpic level liver, and I intend to finally kill it if it is the last thing I do.
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Just the man for that job. Enjoy your treatments...
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I signed up for body donation with my local medical school,but have wondered what would me done if I am out of my local area when the blessed event occurs.  I did this because I can't see spending money to do the funeral thing,which seems barbaric to me, and my daughter lives 1400 miles from me and I don't want her to have to come here to bury my remains.  
The only downside to body donation is the body needs to be donated within 24 hours of the time of death.
If anyone was wondering what they do with the cadavers, they are dissected so that the instructors can reach the major organs, and show the muscles, fat layers, bones as much as possible. The face and genitals are covered at all times during a class. The time of service is usually two years. After that the body can be claimed by loved ones or be buried with a small marker, sometimes on the university’s property.
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If you wait too long they can’t cremate.

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