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body donation
Wife and I just sent in the paperwork to donate our bodies to science when we croak.I figure I won't have anymore use for it.If you are interested,the one we signed up with is the Genesis foundation.
I’m not donating my body... I might not be done with it before they decide to harvest what ever parts might remotely still work... well I guess they can have my right foot... it isn’t much use these days.
It's  the "body farm" for me. Let me rot how nature intended.
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(05-31-2019, 06:52 PM)gypsyjoker Wrote: It's  the "body farm" for me. Let me rot how nature intended.

You are already well preserved, pickled, stoned like. A rock hugging friend of the YARC CAMP mouse. 

Nobody wants anything that I have. The first donated vertebrae put me on the “oh hell no” list. That is what happens when you get some spare parts. 

I am grateful for both of the people whose vertebrae I received. I am able to move my arms because of that miracle of medicine. Soon it will be artificial knees.
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That’s what I want to be when I die, a cadaver. When I was in school I begged my anatomy teacher to let me sit in on a cadaver study.
That’s how we train our doctors, nurses, physical therapists. It’s either volunteer to be a cadaver, or someone has to do some grave robbing.
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My Dad donated his body to UofM. He had it all arranged but I caught all the flack for it from family & friends. I got a box about a hear & half later. I plan to be cremated. I'm a pilot & have spread some local ashes over their farms. You have to use a long bag to get the open end into the slipstream. A friend almost crashed when he just dumped the ashes out the window & they blew back in his face & eyes & blinded him, what a mess.
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Most probably won't agree,but I have never understood the 'spreading the ashes' deal.i don't see why it would matter if they are flushed down the toilet or thrown out the backdoor.
I think it mostly matters to the survivors. I wouldn’t care if they threw me in a ditch, but my family would have a fit.
Which UofM?

The wooden cube with my mother's ashes came to me over two years later, via USPS, with no labeling of the contents. UofM in this case was University of Minnesota, my mother's and my alma mater. I was in Ohio in a travel trailer with several people sitting around after a team meeting, as I tried to figure out what the box contained. I was the last to know when the team leader finally blurted out "hello, grandma!". The box had to stay outside the trailer over night, as they had the heebie jeebies about her ashes. The next day I shipped the box to my older brother in Minnesota to spread the ashes at our lake cabin.

My mother, dead two years, getting back at me for the times I had caused embarrassment for her as I grew up.
Yes, all about the family. When my wife is cremated, the kids will get money to take her ashes to Hawaii as that was her favorite place and the kids have never been. For mine, wherever or whatever they want to do. Probably down the toilet as I am a crotchety old fart :-)

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