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Sportsman 2200 watt inverter generator $349 @ walmart
My little Sportsman 800/1000 watt inverter generator is not dead but it does need its carb cleaned out. Actually a new carb is only $22 and it would be back to its old self again. It is on sale at Walmart for $179 because the new version has parallel capabilities. I will fix/clean mine up but I have decided I needed more power.

The Sportsman 1800/2200 is currently on sale at Walmart for $349 with the newer dual fuel being $120 more. I ordered the original version because I will have less problem running the A/c and 55 amp converter. I would not mind the dual fuel but for $120 will suffer having the gas can.

Sportsman 2200

$349 (+tax) is a really good price for a inverter generator of this size. $469 is a pretty good price for the dual fuel too.
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More Power...…..
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At Christmas Sams club which I haven't had been a member for several years & bought this one for $249/shipped & they gave me a one day free membership over the phone. I have the new 18# 1000/800 4 stroke generator for $149/shipped, both are inverter & gang together with like generators. I like the big one as it has wheel, a pull out handle & comes with the cable to gang 2. Many other companies sell this ones so parts should be easy to get.
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I have picked up the impression that there are noisy generators and quiet generators... What's the difference between them?  (Please remember to keep it simple -- electricity/power is magic, as far as I can see.)
Inverter generators are the quiet ones. Inverter generators are usually fully enclosed so you can't see any of the workings.

Then there are what is called "open frame" or "contractor generators" that are a lot cheaper and a LOT louder. Open frame generators have all the workings exposed (you can see the engine, wires, the attached generator and the frame it is all mounted to).

Hope this clarifies it for you.

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quietish but not really still an engine running
[Image: honda-2000-generator-generators-light-hollywood.jpg]

keep the whole block awake

[Image: honda-portable-generators-eg5000c-64_1000.jpg]
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maybe 2 blocks ......... in each direction.......
Stay Tuned

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I have a 7500 watt contractor here at the house. Hurricanes and other power outages are just part of S&B living. We run it on the patio when needed and that thing is LOUD! Anywhere near it and you have to yell at someone 2 feet from you.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel
Thank you for the simple explanation, D&C! And for the pictures, Gary!

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