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Living in my car
I remember buying those from a vendor that parked his truck in the bay at a gas station I worked at in '72 !
I just put chips in it....WHO KNEW ???? ABNORM......
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

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  • Cammalu (05-19-2019)
Charlie chip....oh hell yea, I sure ate and remember those....great can they came in Smile
We had a big can and a small can for chips but never used it for a pee can. I guess chips - pecan - what ever?
(05-04-2019, 05:25 PM)Kaylee Wrote: Snik, the sheet was for privacy while sleeping. Smile
For peeing & changing clothes, I draped my blanket (thicker&larger) over my head & body or just over my lower body.
If I was around significant numbers of people, then that typically meant there was a rest room nearby, which I'd use.

What sort of potty were you using?

+1 on your conclusion that a "bigger rig" would be better Smile
Queen & the others are right: cars are tough.
That's the biggest "toughness"/difficulty gap in the vehicle hierarchy.
You deserve a Badge. Smile
Snik has a "potty box she made. It's nicely made and ingeniously put together. She is technologically disadvantaged when it comes to uploading pix, but it's the coolest thing ever and I think she should find a 12 year old to do it for her. (i'm no better)
Oh, and Snik. Ive seen a lot of extra tall little transits, lately.
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  • Snikwahjm (05-20-2019)
(05-05-2019, 01:10 PM)Snikwahjm Wrote: Unassuming box and a place to sit.

Oh, Snik! You did it!
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  • Snikwahjm (05-20-2019)
I have been eying the new transits and comparing the old. The old ones hold their value but seem to have a lot of miles, too. I may just get a new one. They are kind of tight for space but I’m already trying to figure out what I don’t need to haul. I think I have watched every YouTube video about converting them into a camper. I wish they hadn’t ‘improved’ the 2010’s to the 2019’s.
We’re considering a used Transit for a second car, the ones Uhaul buys are now used for one year and approximately 10,000 miles, then auctioned off. They come with bulkheads, rubber floor mat, full running boards, and wood tie down boards on the walls. We can find them locally in the $22,000 to $23,000 range.
What are your goals, in terms that inform your vehicle choice?
Part-time or full-time?
Long trips or ???
Urban or dispersed camping or ?

You've got plenty of experience, and that potty setup solves the Messiest Stressful Problem, so you're way ahead of most! Smile
It also means you're not part of the Kool-Aid crowd. Big Grin
"Cause how you get there is the worthier part." Shephard Book to Kaylee, Firefly

May-10 Update:
Van engine replaced. Will be NFS dispersed camping for the next 1-2 weeks, and may not have any internet access.
Thanks for your kind & generous support! Smile

I’m wanting to take some long trips. I may have to settle for very short trips though.

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