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tv and antenna
Same on my 20" samsung. Amps so low not really worth buying 12v IMO.
What is this....'tv' you speak of?

Tow vehicle? Why ya wanna watch that?

Wondering about Wandering.
I think you end up with whatever you can find in 12 volt unless you buy the expensive rv store ones. I paid 60,00 for mine a 14 inch, it was the last one available ,the display model, has worked fine now for several years. You can go to those electronic stores and check out the voltage on the little black boxes that pug in to the wall some say 12 volt on them if you can find one, that is the one you want to buy and you can connect direct into your 12 volts system without the little box. I have gone through a few antennas I now have an RCA with a booster. I struggle with reception at times depending on where I am parked. I often have to move it around sometime I stick it on the roof. The last one broke doing this, I think I forgot to bring it in or it just fell off.
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Wabbit's pic is a yagi.
Stay Tuned

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The 12 volt store has 'em:
Wondering about Wandering.

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