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The Ambo!
Another Ambo weekend! Spent a few hours moving my propane bottle to the back locker. The locker used to be 42” deep, not it is just 14”. Of course I now have a huge cabinet inside where the rest of that locker is accessible from.

[Image: 726ab8e6db022f3df7f4bdb9252a9405.jpg]

[Image: b6c187bbc352120cb0ef04c90200d3bb.jpg]

I will trim out the opening and cut a nice piece of diamond plate for the door.

Best part so far was how awesome the back deck and motorcycle rack worked today.

[Image: b901c1723d4e4e9b63c77a87746c0e00.jpg]

The deck gives me a place to stand when I load and unload the bike. Also somewhere to put a chair and relax!

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