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Happy Halloween from Russia
    The deep black curtain of the night looked folded next to the Moon. The stars disbursed, as if by random across the vast blanket of space. White, sparkling waypoints of light, old lights created before the birth of Christ. Light moving faster than anything we knew, and yet older than anything we have touched. It was beautiful to just see. A howl to the west, hanging in the air without an answer. A lone wolf, the sound far slower than the light. 

        “He is not too far away,” Dimitri says past his pipe. “It best we keep the fire going tonight, so he doesn’t come searching for scraps.” 

My answer is a silent nod. Close and dangerous, I thought. Yet, any one of those stars could have gone supernova, one hundred years ago and today we would see it. The destruction far far away, faster than a speed we can understand or attain, kills us dead. Close and deadly, Far and deadlier. I was in a morose mood for sure. 

Summer had officially arrived in Siberia, but not a Summer any foreign person would recognize. It still dropped below freezing at night and while the morning sun brought brightness and warmth it struggled to heat the night frozen earth. Summer also brought the rain. Buckets of it had drenched the expedition as it made its way up the Yenisei River on barges. This had made the landing at Jermakovo more than difficult and it had taken the crew and villagers hours to get the vehicles onto the docks. 

Our Expedition provided a supper for the villagers, and gifts to the important village men as is the custom. Men from the administration of the Krasnoyarsk District were also in attendance and we avoided their questions with subtle conversational parries born from years of dealing with nosey administrations. They had not tried talking to me as my Russian was too basic and they didn’t like North Americans.

Our official trip was to an area of interconnecting rivers that flowed like capillaries north and south to major rivers. The real trip was much different and had we asked for permission it would have been denied. 

Lake Nalimye was still officially listed as forbidden. You can search forbidden places in Russia and find many such cities listed as forbidden. Usually, they are forbidden to foreigners. Fewer are forbidden to all but those that make an application. Some fall off the list. This is not to say they are now open. They are not, they are just not on the list, making them even harder to find in the age of computer searches. OB Military Research Facility and Institute at Lake Nalimye fell off the list in 1982, five years before Perestroika. Hidden and invisible it had remained lost until a member of our team was told a tale by his grandmother. 

The dying woman’s hands and arms were like pale silk wrapped over an alabaster statue. Dimitri found it hard to believe this woman was the same strong woman that had raised him as her own. Her skin was so transparent he could see the veins and arteries fill and collapse with each weak beat of her heart. She had been crying, her red eyes, uncovered the lie the rest of her face was trying to tell. Dimitri held her hand and tried to keep his eyes from telling the same truth. Crying was not strong, and he must remain strong for his Grandmother. 

        “Demi come close I need to tell you something.” She murmured only slightly louder than the machines keeping her alive. 

Dimitri leaned close and as if in a greeting put his ear to his Grandmothers cheek. She told him a story about a secret hospital and training facility near a Siberian lake. The closest town was many miles away and only accessible in Summer. To the east of the lake was a compound. It was all underground. It had shops, cafes, clothing stores, and even a cinema. The workers in this compound lived underground all year, and only came or left in the summer. She told him his father had been the Security and Political Officer for the research facility called OB. 

Dimitri was stunned. He had lived his whole life thinking his father had been a Cosmonaut and had suffered a heart attack during the rigorous training. Finding out he had been a GRU member was like finding a mermaid in your fishing net. He pushed is ear closer to the old woman’s mouth. 

        “Dimi he did not die as we told you. I have carried this lie my whole life to protect you. He was a brave man. A man of incredible courage. While stern, he was feared, but he was known as a just man above bribes and influence. The people in the underground made a large amount of money. It would have been easy for him to become rich. He did not. He stayed even after the incident, he remained to help those in the facility. He risked his life for others that viewed him as a dying administrations dog. He did his duty. I needed to tell you this thing before I died. Please forgive an old woman's lie.” The machine at the head of the bed made a single high pitched tone. 

Dimitri whispered into an ear that could no longer hear. “I do.” He started crying when the staff rushed into the room. She was gone, and with her death so was any more of his fathers' real story. He cried for a longer time than any other time in his life. 

    The trek from Jermakovo had not been easy. Each truck had sunk to the windshield in bogs at least a dozen times. While the trip had been scheduled for three weeks, it was already three weeks and they had not yet reached the OB facility. The team's frustration was palatable, and tempers were fast to rise and slow to return to normal. 

A deer had extended the food supplies, and fresh water was everywhere.They would not starve and they wouldn’t freeze till the weather turned bad in September. September was twenty-six days away. 

        “We should reach the facility tomorrow,” Dimitri said, tapping his pipe and refilling the bowl. 

        “We should have done so and been heading back already” Yuri chimed in a surly voice. 

        “I doubt the facility would support life over the long winter. If the old woman is even telling the truth.” Added Vlad, tossing a log onto the fire. 

        “My Grandmother would not have lied with her dying breath, you fuck!” Dimitri shouted jumping to his feet. 

        “Both of you calm the fuck down and shut the fuck up!” I spat past my vodka. “This kind of negative bullshit will get us all killed. We make the facility tomorrow by three or we turn around and limp home. We can leave the vehicles in the village, fly home, and return next summer to try again.” 

While the men respected me, I knew my ability to quell these types of disagreements was diminishing as quickly as the hours of daylight. 

   The facility stood, outlined by the crystal blue lake, in stark contrast. We had arrived at the underground city, or perhaps more correctly at what had been the underground city at noon. The area was now a bowl, the ground still pounded solid by whatever military munitions had crushed it. The UAZ trucks tires found easy purchase on the asphalt like surface and for the first time in three weeks managed something like speed. Twenty miles an hour may as well have been an Indy Race. None of us ventured too much thought at what had been used to destroy the area that had been the underground city. The sun reflected around the bowl as if some of it were made of glass. 

   A sloping hillside lead from the edge of the bowl, or crater, down past a thirty-foot concrete wall, to the lake. The white, hospital-like structure looked like bones and reminded me of a long forgotten elephant, dead in a desert. 

Arriving at the facility we parked the UAZ vehicles so the awnings would touch and create more of a covered working space. The summer rains had been subsiding but the spongelike ground was more pronounced here and each step was three inches lower than it appeared. The team had become very proficient at setting up camp and soon a fire was roaring under a covered and tarp protected courtyard. 

None of us felt like eating, and together we made or the way to the main entrance. The place looked like a school. This could not have been further from reality. The windows were thick military composite and the shutters were real armoured steel. Most were open and the same thickness as the windows, this caused everyone to pound a fist or rifle butt on the hardened portals. 

The front door was no different. Solid steel covered by wood and plaster, ornate in appearance and tactically impenetrable. Vlad looked at the ageing control panel, before running back to the camp for his tools. The rest of us continued around the building. The construction was the same, and what appeared to be other doors were nothing more than facades. A staircase at the rear ascended up into an alcove, and a sold wall. It was obvious that it had been built to look like a normal school or remote hunting spa from a satellite perspective, or perhaps that of a surveillance plane. 

When we arrived back at the front doors Vlad had the outside panel off and was cursing in awe and with vehemence. We gathered around the engineer. 

        “What’s up?” I asked.

        “Fucking thing has a kill circuit!” He said pulling two tries to the side and pointing. 

        “What do you mean?” Yuri asked, bending forward with his flashlight. 

        “You see those two fucking thick wires?” He didn’t wait before continuing. “Those two mother fuckers connect to the panel. One to the centre bolt and the other to the panel. That bolt is an odd size, British metric. They used them for motorcycles. Anyway, that bolt goes through a nylon nut and holds the panel tight. See the wire attached to the end of the bolt? Yeah, that wire is 220 volts and god knows how many amps, but that wire thickness says a bunch. The other is connected to the panel face. So you start wrenching that bolt off with pliers or whatever you got that fits and then place your hand here to hold the panel. POP! Goes the weasel running the pumps. The system has no power so I was lucky. 

        “If the system has no power how are we going to get that door open?  It has to run on hydraulics if the bloody windows are any indication of its thickness.” I said from the back of the group. 

        “Start dinner, kitchen bitch, I got this. Yuri when I give you the signal start the generator and plug me into the 50amp circuit ok” Vlad finished in Russian. 

   We were all enjoying the first meal together in a long time. The expedition had started this way. But, the constant trials along the journey had compounded hard feelings till we all were eating alone. Perhaps only separated by feet, yet a yawning chasm in reality. This meal was different. We had reached our destination. Filled the trucks diesel tanks and had enough fuel for both trucks to make it back to the river port. My dinner of nut stuffed Deer heart and fresh deer and pork sausage, complimented with a bottle of Anapa wine had morale back on track again. 

With full stomachs and a slight glow from the vodka and wine we smoked Cuban cigars I had saved for just this occasion. We discussed what might be inside the doors of this secret installation and listened as Dimitri told us more about what he had discovered about his father prior to leaving on the expedition. We all agreed that behind those huge blast doors would be answers to all our desires. Dimitri would find his fathers office. Yuri would find his hidden scientific experiments. Vladimir would find the hidden technology, and I would have my story to sell to the world news agencies. 

   The wonderful Christmas like morning would be denied to us. It started with a shout from Yuri, followed by a gunshot in camp. Stumbling out of our heavy sleeping bags into the dark confusion of night we all tried to figure out what was going on. Shouts and answers adding to the chaos. We all gathered around the fire, armed, and sleep weary.

        “What the fuck is happening? Who fired” I said blinking in the gloom.

Yuri answered. “ I fired. Fucking wolf bit my boot. The Huge thing was drawing me out of the truck!”

        “I didn’t see that I just heard the bang, and you were out the back door,” Vlad responded as he was lighting last nights fire with kerosene. 

Dimitri got all of our attention. “I got eyes on the edge of camp, lots of them.” 

Last nights fire roars to life and finds us all looking out to the darkness. Eyes reflected green and gold in the firelight, stare back. Eyes standing three feet or better, silently, and unmoved by the sudden burst of flame. 

        “Why the fuck are they still standing there?” Dimitri asked the question we were all thinking. 
I flipped on my 1200 lumen tactical light and brought light to the party. The wolves never moved. They turned their heads when the beam hit them, but they didn’t run. These creatures were four feet at the shoulder and bulky with muscle. Dire wolves were extinct yet here was evidence that this reality was not in fact real. Like the fake news of the West, past this point, there were indeed monsters. 

Not having a clear military rank structure everyone tried to do what they thought was the best idea at the same time. I grabbed a signal flare gun from the open case containing the camp supplies. Yuri fired his Kalashnikov from the hip. Vlad tossed the open kerosene can into the front UAZ and Dimitri jumped into the driver's seat in the rear UAZ and shouted for us to get the fuck in.
I fired the flare and hit the big animal in the chest.

Yuri dropped two of the beasts.

Vlad followed the kerosene with his zippo.

We all followed Dimitri’s  shouted order. 

   Dimitri punched the trucks pedal and we lurched forward, at two wolves that were on our flank. They moved and let us pass, just as the other UAZ whooshed into bright light. This seemed to spook the pact and they dispersed to follow the wolf I had lit on fire with the flare gun. They lopped after the running wolf leaving their fallen brothers to the conflagration that was moments ago our camp. 

Propane tanks burst and sent gouts of flame out into the night sky. Explosives detonated and sent the UAZ in pieces out to a larger burning perimeter. Supplies and belongings were consumed in our escape effort. The effort of which providing a brief relief from attack, and perhaps a slow demise. 

The gravity of our loss in the escape was immediately understood within the group. Nothing needed to be said, and nothing was. Dimitri put the square nose of the UAZ against the building and Yuri and I dug around the back for the other rifles and ammunition. None of the magazines were loaded and so we started on the task as Dimitri and Vlad looked at the door controls. We all knew getting inside was our only option. Going back was too risky with a single vehicle and most of the propane had been in the vehicle Vlad had sacrificed. This truck had the food and medical supplies, extra sleeping bags, radio equipment, and (the reason it was probably saved) Vlad’s tools.  

I taped my tactical flashlight to the bayonet mount of the rifle and loaded it. I jumped from the vehicle and flipped on the light, cocking the action, and took up position over the hood with my shoulder against the wall. 

        “Status?” I yelled.

        “We still got power!!” The tone of joy and surprised mixed in Vlad’s response. 

        “I don’t see them!” Yuri said from his shooting position at the rear of the truck. 

        “Me either, our six is clear,” Dimitri said. 

        “I am working, the entrance code I have, I just don’t know if it works locking bolts first or hydraulics first. Doubt we had enough power to try it both ways. 

   The first wolf sprinted into the spill of my light, the second followed, and he was joined by six in a perfect delta spear formation. Training made me sweep left to right. I had wanted to stay on the lead wolf. He was moving unbelievably fast. If I had followed my instincts I would have missed the largest wolf, and the one I lit with the flare, dart low around the back of the building. Circling our fortified position. 

        “Take a fucking guess they will be on us in ten seconds. Dimitri watch the backside of the build…Fuck it! Fire to our flank, Now!

Dimitri started shooting, as did I and Yuri. The distance and the weapon required multiple hits on any given target and in the seconds it took to empty the thirty round magazine I had only managed two hits. Vlad was yelling; “Yes! Yes!!” behind me and I hoped this was a good thing. I grabbed three black bags and turned tossing them at Vlad standing in the opening door. Dimitri dropped his magazine, reloaded, and continued firing at the corner. Yuri was ripping the radio out of the front and grabbing the spare battery as the shadow rounded the back corner and painted the snow red.

Dimitri switched to full-auto and yelled. “Go go go. Get the fuck inside now.” 

I grabbed what I could and bolted for the door, and was passed by Yuri doing the same thing. Vlad punched a large red button and yelled: “get in here now Dimitri. Move it!” The large door was closing quicker than it had opened and Dimitri launched sideways through the door and was followed by a splash of red and something white. Sitting on his ass facing the door he wiped the dark blood from his face and lifted a tooth off his shirt. It was over two inches long. 

        “Fuck that was close.” He said, holding up the tooth. “Look at the size of this thing.”

   The sounds echoed off the walls and bounced to the ceiling. It sounded like whispers followed the sound back to our ears. I shone the rifle around, careful to have my finger straight along the trigger guard. The white marble bounced the light as it did the sound and the shadows retreated and advanced with the movement. 

All the Russians lit cigarettes from a single pack and I dug out my vape and pulled heavily on it as we moved into a protective circle common to penguins. Dimitri was the first to speak.

“We need to find out if this place has power and if so is it workable or fixable. We also need water and sort out what supplies made it in here with us. The floor is dusty but not damp so I think we are sealed tight. But, it is going to get cold and if we don’t get rescued before November this will likely be our tomb. Vlad and Scott go look for power and water. Yuri and I will sort out our gear.” 

   I followed as Vlad walked to the staircase and went down. The grand staircase was marble leafed with gold finals at each level. It went up to the second floor and we were going down first. I thought to myself going down was the right call, no one put power on the second floor but I really wished we were staying out of the basement. The hallway ended in a large fountain that still contained water. Clearwater. This meant that at least a circulation pump was running. Vlad pointed and I shook my head I understood what it meant. We had power of some sort. 

Two hallways went east and west and a third went under the stairs south. We took the southern hallway and followed it back. Opening doors and sticking our heads inside we found; the infirmary, a kitchen, dining room, barracks, storage and at the end the mechanical room.

The mechanical room looked more like a science classroom than any mechanical room I had seen. Vladimir seemed to be having similar thoughts as he ran his fingers through his hair and looked, turning in circles at least three times. White walls, with whiter cabinets, flanked glass windows and computer panels that looked like props from a 1950’s space movie. 

        “Fuck it is nuclear!” He blurted. “This is similar to the sub I did service on when I was a just out of high school. That must be the water circulation system. They are cooling the reactor and the heat causes the cooling tank water to rise and pressurize the system. The water circulates, cools and returns to the reactor tank.”

        “So water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink?” I replied.

        “What? No, No the cooling tank water is separate from the reactor water. Like a hot pipe of water going through a separate tank of water and cooling as it does. Then the cooler water inside the pipe returns to the reactor core. It’s safe to drink” 

        “Well can you restart it?” I asked.

        “Can I restart a nuclear fucking reactor? No! I mean I guess in theory I could, but if I am wrong or the pressure is off or sequence…Do you want to visit Australia? Core goes critical drops through the floor and really bad fucking shit happens Canada.” 

        “We die without it anyway. Well, I think we do. We got three weeks till the outside temperature hits minus 13 and a month past that, minus 26. Do we have a choice?” 

        “I want to talk to the others before we do anything. They may have more training with this stuff.”

        “More training? What the hell; if someone was a nuclear engineer I think they would have mentioned it in conversation. You know like Vegans? Vegans tell everyone they are vegans at least three times in the first twenty minutes of meeting them.” Vlad smiled despite missing the point of my comparison. 

        “In Russia, no one talks about what they did in the military, so I don’t know. But, you are correct none of them are vegans.” 

   Joining the others on the main floor, we find the gear neatly laid out in the six piles. The vodka is out and we see them toasting. 
   “Why celebration?” Vlad asks in Russian. 
    “We found an Olympic sized swimming pool just on the other side of the big doors and it is hot! Beyond bathtub hot. It is like hot springs hot. We are not going to freeze to death!” Yuri says raising the only shot glass to survive. 

        “This is because of the nuclear reactor.” My statement stops Yuri mid-toast.

        “What fucking nuclear reactor?” Chimes in Dimitri. 

   Enjoying the stunned look I continue. “The one in the basement, next to Thai massage joint.” 



        “I didn’t see a Thai place?”

        “We have our own reactor?” Asks Dimitri, not falling for the Thai thing. 

        “Yup! Do you know how to restart it?” Vlad asks. 

        “Nope, I never got near anything like that in the military. Anyone know how?” Dimitri says before asking;          “How abOOUt you Canada?”

        “Nope, I don’t but if I had an internet connection I could ask Sternwake. He’d sort it out” 

        “What is a Stern wake.” Everyone asks in harmony.

        “Forget about it, just trying to add some jocularity.”

        “Ok, look, I can probably get it running at a low level, enough to give us lights, cooking, charge shit. But is it worth the risk? We have hot water. We won’t freeze. Why take the risk something caused a problem and they shut it down.”  Vlad brought the conversation back to serious. 

Dimitri was the first to speak. “Look I get your point but what happens to people locked in a cabin with nothing to do? They go crazy. I’ve seen it. Normal rational people go off the pirate plank and are never right again? I am also not so sure that door is going to hold when we start seeing freezing heaves and movement. I think it might be wise to get that working.” 

I added to the conversation. “Look I think whatever hit the underground city was a nuke. It is almost three miles in circumference, and parts were glistening like glass. If you’re going to nuke a nuke you probably want to have someone cut the juice so the EMP doesn’t scramble a computer and burn a hole to Denver. I think they shut it down and evacuated.”

        “I think you guys are right. We got food and perhaps more dry stuff is stored here. But, fresh meat and fresh air will go a long way to our survival. Those wolves are big enough to feed us for a month and they aren’t going to go bad in the deep freeze outside. I think it is worth the risk, like Scott, said they probably shut it off before nuking the thing from space.” Yuri finished the discussion and we all shook our heads in agreement. 

        “Ok I’ll start on that tomorrow, right now I want some vodka and a smoke and look at what those fucking wolves are doing,” Vlad said, taking the glass from Dimitri and walking to the window. 

The words WTF and the shattering of our last shot glass brought us all to the window. Lit yellow from the burning UAZ we could see the wolves. 15 in total were just outside the window. Three perfect rows of five, looking at our sanctuary. 

    None of us slept well that night, The wolves had thrown a real wrench into our celebratory mood. It was if they were in a heap three deep waiting for orders. Regular wolves didn’t act like that. In truth, there was very little regular about these wolves. But in the morning they were gone. Past where we could see them anyway and there was a ten-tonne door between us and the outside. We enjoyed the last of the eggs that had somehow survived the chaos unbroken and our coffee. 

Dimitri wasn’t feeling well and he returned to one of the upstairs lounges to sleep. The rest of us set off to explore the entire place. It had appeared huge on the outside and was not failing to live up to this size on the inside. It took me to dinner to explore most of the upstairs and I had found a cool watch, grey service great coat,  and a loaded pistol in an upstairs office. I had also found a stocked bar with cigars and leather couches. I was still trying to figure out if I should try to keep this from the others when I heard the screams from downstairs. 

I reached the top of the stairs and saw Dimitri convulsing halfway down the stairs. I rushed down to help as the others rushed up to join me. I held his head and waited for the seizure to pass. The others were staring at his face in disgust. 

        “What?” I asked.

        “Parasites,” Yuri said pointing. 

When the seizure was over I took out my tactical flashlight and pointed at the side of Dimitri’s face. Yuri had been right. The parasites were obvious just below the skin under his eyes. They moved away from the brightness of my light and returned when it was gone. The looked like fluke worms and while I had seen something similar in Africa they were not this big. Dimitri was also burning up with fever and this had probably started the convulsions. 

        “What is wrong with him?” Vlad asked from the lower staircase.

        “He went into convulsions.” 

        “Yeah? He puked too and it looks like he has parasites. You can see them in the vomit. A bunch of them too. We got antibiotics? Oh, I got the reactor restarted and since we didn’t go boom, I think we are good.” Vlad finished. 

        “Hey Vlad, don’t go near the puke and pour some bleach all over that area. We got antibiotics in the medical kit but I think we should put him in the freezer. DO we have enough power to run a freezer? I asked.

        “Oh Hell ya, she came up online and everything is in the green, so we have all the power we need. By the way, our day counting was off by a bit, tomorrow is the thirty first of October. No wonder we haven’t seen a search party, probably won’t till spring. Why the freezer?” Vlad asked. 

       “He has a fever I want to chill him down, hang a bolus of Antibiotics and D5W, and see if we can’t get this under control. Yuri grab his feet let’s get him to the kitchen.” 

   Yuri and I moved Dimitri to the meat storage freezer, it was cold but not below zero. We placed him on one of the cutting tables and I ran two IV lines. Fluke worms, I knew, were nasty and I hoped to myself our friend would make it through the night. 

We all took turns visiting the kitchen and checking on our friend. His condition was starting to improve around nine pm and I produced a bottle of Scotch named Gunnys Fire Mission. I thought it was an odd name but the scotch itself was tasty and smokey. We celebrated in the spa’s hot water, under the yellow sodium vapour lights, eating Camilla’s Carmel Cookies. They looked imported with a strange badger logo on the front, with English writing. Despite being a little older they still tasted fresh and sweet. 

The evening wore on and our troubles while less was not over. We had a long eight months to survive. In the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path and with no outside communication. Well, I thought to myself at least we won’t have the BW’s knocking at the door selling the messiah thing. 

        “Do you think that tv works?” Yuri asked. 

        “I don’t know.” I got up and found the remote on a stainless steel shelf designed for just this the bare essential. I clicked it and a menu came up in Russian. It was titles of various movies horribly mislabeled in the closest approximation to Russian. Some movie labelled “Drunk in the Mud” and another “Every Road Leeds Home”. But one caught my eye “Got Smart” it was a series of five seasons. We had a long time to wait, and it seemed like a good place to start. I highlighted it and pushed enter and the familiar American Agent 86 and his Sunbeam Tiger was displayed on the big screen. 

   The following morning Yuri was feeling sick. After coffee, I checked his face and found no evidence of parasites. I thought it could have been too much of Gunny’s Scotch as I was feeling off as well but figured a course of antibiotics was the safe bet for everyone. Dimitri was awake, up and feeling much better, when I got to the kitchen. It was a good thing I had left food and water beside him as he said he had eaten it all and wanted to come out and, shit, shave and shower.  I told him he could come out tonight for Halloween as I wanted to keep him quarantined for 12 more hours in case the fluke worm infection was a virus. He had reluctantly agreed and pulled a five-gallon empty bucket from under the counter. 

I bumped into Vladimir returning to the lounge as I’d taken to calling my private refuge. 

        “Vlad, should we do something for Halloween?”

        “Like something what?” He asked.

        “I don’t know, some booze, good eats a little party as everyone is feeling better.”

        “I’d like some more of Camilla’s cookies but I think I am sticking to Vodka. You know Russians don’t celebrate this holiday, yes? We believe it is a time the realms of spirit and man are close enough to let the dead walk amongst the living. It is said that what you can imagine can come true as the differences in good and evil are blurred. Not a big holiday here. But sure something to pass the time. Shall we make a campfire and tell scary stories?” He followed me up the stairs.

        “Yeah sounds fun, I teach you all how to make smores.”


        “Yeah. It’s American.”

   With the fire going and the party set, I return back to the kitchen to retrieve our guest of honour. I find the freezer door already ajar. Odd, I think to myself and pull it open. Dimitri is sitting on the floor and Vlad is standing in front of him with a roast in his hand. “We doing BBQ?” I ask.

Dimitri slumps to the ground, and blood flows across the stainless steel floor like liquid rust. Vlad is holding the clever in his left hand and I look down at Dimitri, face noticing for the first time how is his misshapen. Pointy ears and yellow/green eyes replace the ones he was born with. Vlad is holding his heart and has two nematode translucent worms dangling from his nose and feeding on the heart. He opens his liquid blue eyes, and smaller nematode worms are visible like fake eyelashes so popular with Russian women. 

“Our species have fought for years, Scott. Together the three of us can hunt the lupine outside, they taste delicious. Happy Halloween.”

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Scott my friend, you do indeed have a way of holding a persons interest. Nice writing.

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Holy cow!!!! Lol. You really shocked me at the Sternwake. Now I gotta make up a recipe for Caramel cookies!
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Glad you all liked it. I got into it and at about five pages was thinking how the hell is this going to end? I usually only write four pages a day when I am "working" so it must have been your motivating influence. I only did a once over edit. Read out loud and correct the really glaring errors. Glad you all had fun with it.

In keeping with the theme...

It is easier to say what was true. Dimitri's story is the one he told around the campfire. His grandmother and the tale she told him.

Getting the rigs off the boat and the big supper was true.

Getting stuck to the windshield was true. But we used a 6.8 (or 6.6?) diesel hummer to pull it out. Bending the UAZ frame.

The rest was from the twisted section of the brain. Thanks to THE HIDDEN, WOLFEN, THE THING, THE SHINING.

Thanks for the thank yous.

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Great story!
A hearty LOL at - kitchen bitch -

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