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should i kill the build/mod section?
move the threads to the appropriate vehicle section,just seem redundant 

any other sections/forums you want to see? making money?
Nah, don't kill it I am looking forward to posting my build when I return from Russia. But I guess I could put in my own section...But what about others? I've been told it ain't always about me! LOL!
People like reading builds and mods.
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  • frater secessus (10-09-2017)
Well, on the one hand, it's still early days here.  I'd leave it up for at least six months or so before deciding whether or not it's going anywhere.

On the other hand, we seem to be attracting MOSTLY refugees from a certain other forum, most of whose builds are already done and who are already on the road.

And on the third hand (clever reference to Niven's MOTE IN GOD'S EYE)  even those of us with a current machine are going to have it fail and need replacing with a new one, eventually.

So I'd say do nothing and wait and see.

Which, come to think of it, pretty much describes my whole life to date.  Hmmn.


I don't like to make advance plans.  It causes the word PREMEDITATED get thrown around in the courtroom!
I'm NOT crazy!  My mother had me tested! Cool
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  • heron (11-05-2017)
I am going to need lots of advice with a build some time soon I hope. I even need advice what to buy to build. I’ve done a lot of thinking about it but no vehicle good enough to suit my husband. I am having to make decisions I have never made in my life. He still is mostly functional but decides are not his cup of tea these days.
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  • Cammalu (10-08-2017), heron (11-05-2017)
Are u sure he wants to go? ☹️

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  • frater secessus (10-09-2017)
Cammilu he says he wants to go. Is it that or don’t want to be left? He does have some issues and we are working on it. Maybe meds will help...
You are going to do a whole build yourself? He doesn't want to help?

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Cammalu, he will do it if I make decisions. He just measured something to see if it would fit. He can do things but making decisions for what ever reason slow him down... a lot... I worry about solar...
I like the build/mod section so i'd vote to keep it. If all goes according to plan i'll be starting a build with in the next six months that i'll be chronicling there.
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  • heron (11-05-2017)
Keep it, give it time to grow.

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