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Overnighting near Algodones.
Since we, and many more YARCers, already have the LTVA sticker we decided to check out the LTVAs around Yuma.

John has dental today and tomorrow so we came a day early in order to do a bit of shopping and scout out the LTVAs. If you already have your sticker from La Posa or other LTVAs you are good at all of them - I think.

Anyway, not five minutes from the border is BLM Pilot Knob LTVA.

There is an agricultural inspection station to pass through and they quickly ask you if you have fresh veges or fruits then wave you through. Almost immediately is the exit you take for Pilot Knob then go back over the Hwy and the LTVA is right there past a gas station. There is no camp host or anything that I could see and it’s basically a large dirt parking lot. It’s not scenic or anything but it’s very convenient to jump back to Algodones early for a good parking spot.

[Image: 43f8f6a8e790b064208f6a95029fb93e.jpg]

The blue dot is where we are in the parking lot at the border and the red dot is Pilot Knob where we spent the night.

Yesterday we went to Imperial Dam LTVA which was about ten miles or so from Yuma. The big draw there is WATER. You can park on a knob above the water for a view if you are lucky enough to get that spot. If you want to be right on the water it’s an additional $7.50 a night. Well worth it I think but we wanted to be closer to Algodones.

[Image: 817f0f565a5e6153d052708f8fc503bd.jpg][Image: 2ac694c43efaae3e33276b9244542f68.jpg]

There were a few people on jet skis and a guy throwing balls in the water for his retrievers. I didn’t check to see if the water was really cold but it looks like a good swimming hole.
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