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Stuff I Do
Cammalu: Thank you. Is that bead/rock shop still open (on the drag)? I used to time my trips out of CA so I could park @ Love's & wander around in it. Always something to catch my eye (book, beads, findings or...) & any xtra $ I had.

Perhaps I will, if I can find a spot with not too many people around.
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I’m not sure of which shop you mean I guess. Maybe Gem World? I think it’s still open but I’m not sure.

There is plenty of room in YARC camp for you to be as far as you want from everyone and walk in when you feel like it. Some spread out further than others and it’s nice to have the security of knowing your stuff isn’t going to walk away every time you go to town.

The only time you will get bothered is a loud voice sometime in the morning yelling, “TRASHHHHHH”. Throw your trash on the back of the garbage truck and the trash lady will be gone.
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Lovely work!
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