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Travel trailer blues....
(05-16-2018, 11:04 AM)Blanch Wrote: A used TT is a crap shoot at best.

Mine was a no-brainer but I've been looking for what I bought now for close to a year.  17' box on a 19' frame that I'm gonna gut to stud walls, all for the low low price of $1000.  Crawled up under it to check the springs, axles and tires.  All the lights worked and the coupler is old but works.  We'll see how it pans out and how much it weighs when I'm done.   NADA book says it weighs 3105 pounds as is from the factory and I'm gonna try to get it down to as close to 2000 pounds as possible, if possible.  I do agree that it is a crap shoot if you buy it to use it like it is.  No telling what is wrong until you take it out and find out the hard way.  That can be incredibly frustrating especially in the first thunderstorm and the roof leaks right on your forehead.  We'll do several short test runs to be sure everything I install works as it should before heading west this winter.  I just gotta get this frikkin rental house remodel done first.  Today I'm working on this deal of a century dishwasher to figure out where the leak is before installing it.

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  • Blanch (05-31-2018)
Sorry about your issues Blanch.

I learned about old trailers and rv’s via the school of hard knocks. I bought a 1982 21 foot class C that the old codger scammed me on, he hid all kinds of mechanical and structural problems that I only discovered as time went by... beware of fresh paint, that likely means a roof leak still active... beware of gobs of silicone caulk on seams... duhh

Then when I filled both gas tanks up and was driving away, I got flagged down by a motorist who told me that gas was running out of the rear, turns out the back tank was punctured and useless. 20 gallons drained out... no weeds on that spot by the shoulder anyway! 

Seller had removed the Onan genset and cut the wires, I left it out but his cut job would have added expense to fix.  On and On...  Undecided 

Then a month into ownership the van was missing and burning oil, took it to a mechanic who diagnosed rings were shot, all plugs were fouled within 2,000 miles. That was going to require an engine rebuild.

So I repaired the rotted over cab wood, scraped and recaulked the roof, replaced all 8 plugs, and traded it in on a new 8’ truck camper (costing me about $4k over what I had paid for it and repairs). So yeah, got screwed... sorry to say the next person didnt fair much better other than no leaks... 

Remember that any rv, be it class A, B, C, truck camper, TT or 5th wheeler gets beat to death on the roads, vibration, wind causing the box to twist, and they are all built with the cheapest materials possible, in a few hours (look at factory tour videos) and then shipped out the door.

I’d say the fiberglass “egg” trailers are better quality, Scamp, Casita, Oliver being a few.

Otherwise, mostly only the million dollar Prevost buses are made different, and of course we arent in that class, are we?
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  • Blanch (05-31-2018)

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