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1977 chevy chinook
[Image: 00Q0Q_ixTgvj2OW7Z_600x450.jpg]

i need that ladder
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  • rvpopeye (03-20-2019)
video of it

green shag!!!
All you really need is a 6' step ladder and some 200mph duct tape......ok class it up and use a couple of bungees...
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

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  • Cammalu (03-20-2019), Scott7022 (03-21-2019)
Must have sold as the craigslist is deleted. Cool video thanks for the post guy needs to stop smoking getting winded moving a video camera around.
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believe it was listed at $4k,mine was listed at $5500,got it for $3k and it was worth about $2000

the dodge version in much more common and can be had at a lower price but with small c/b's being in vogue you can command above top dollar

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