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Help! Looking at a van... Advice?
Anything that old is going to have issues--body hardware, electrical, and oil and coolant leaks. The odometer mileage is not real high, but not real low either. And some things seem more a matter of age than mileage. My last van had an issue with the rims rusting to the brake drums/calipers--it was a real pain to work on the brakes, because it was so hard to get the tires off.
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  • minddroool (03-13-2019)
Check blow by, smell the oil dipstick for antifreeze, loof for milky oil on the dipstick. Take off the real radiator cap before starting the van, start it & watch for when the theristat opens & the fluid starts flowing thru the engine. If you get serious pay someone to look it over & do a comprssion test and maybe bore scope the cylinders. if it needs new plus buy them then as no more labor to install new ones. Have the guy drive it while following him to make sure it doesn't "dog track" but drives straght. I'd settle on a price you're happy with before doing all this & make the sale contingent on finding no major flaws. When/if you do get it. Have a complete service, differential fluid, have the tranny sevices, a good lube oi;/filter change. new fuel filter if in like. coolant change, belts/hoses, etc.
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  • minddroool (03-13-2019)
(03-12-2019, 07:29 PM)GotSmart Wrote: That is an E150 Explorer. 

30 years old. It will need a large parts budget. 

Search online for cleaner examples. Then pay accordingly 

Tires. Wear patterns and age
Engine oil
Transmission fluid
Anti freeze 
Look for oil leaks on ground 
How long has it been sitting?

It might be a gem or it might be a money pit
My thoughts exactly, gem or money pit ....

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(03-12-2019, 05:07 PM)B and C Wrote: A F-150 regular cab is a pickup and you are showing a conversion van???
Meant E-150, I think

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My theory with older vehicles like that is unless they have current records of a lot of recent repairs, you'll be making those repairs in the very near future........Tires, brakes, rotors, tie rods, ball joints, starter, alternator, battery, thermostat, belts/hoses, etc. If you can't do the repairs yourself, those repairs I just listed will be at or over 2k. Some larger repairs on older vehicles could include rusted out gas tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, brake lines, etc. And this is assuming the main drivetrain is ok....engine, tranny, and rear end.

I don't say it to scare you or anyone away, just to know that things can and most likely will pop up. And sometimes they end up being real gems, i've bought a few cheap used vehicles that were almost zero trouble for years. And others I had to cut my losses and move on.

If you really like it, I'd have a competent mechanic look at it for the few bucks it costs.
Well, what happened?
(03-13-2019, 02:18 PM)ratfink56 Wrote: Well, what happened?
.....GUY DIDN'T SHOW UP...... sketchy....

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You got lucky.  Keep lookin.

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