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I am always looking for information about roads.   No necessarily the condition as it pertains to weather, but also in general.

For example...that stretch of I15 from Mesquite, NV  to St. George, UT is a scary bit of road in any kind of wind.  It is a canyon road...nice and wide (interstate), but the class As and 18 wheelers on that road throw me around in any wind about 10mph.     I tried a back road (91).  It was a scary bit of traffic so I could just poke along at 20-25 mph and really enjoy the incredible canyons!  I recommend it, but not if you are very long...some of the switchbacks were tight.

I found that the road called North Shore RD from Boulder City up to Overton was really nice!  Lots of traffic, but lots of turn outs so I could go slow and still let traffic get by me.   Nice drive! Incredible scenery 

Now, I wonder about the road (180) north from Silver City, NM to Saint Johns, AZ.    Anyone drive it?
I do not drive fast, much traffic?  Lots of turn outs?  And steep grades?  Narrow road?   Can anyone tell me about it?  

Also..what about Gallup, NM to Cortez, CO?   I am thinking to go up that way and cut over to Moab.  

Obviously, I will not be doing that drive till late I am not asking about weather conditions....unless I should be paying attention to I would driving I15.

Maybe it would be great to start a thread of by ways that folks know about.  Maybe by State?

1989 Honeywell motorhome
Ford E350 chassis.  460 engine
I'll start, Michigan most read just plain suck. They were bad before then we had record cold -17 & -40 wind chill, a week later rain which drove the frost out & then more cold, worst wint I can remember.
Let me recommend the best medicine in the world, a long journey, at a mild season, through a pleasant country, in easy stages. James Madison

you know it is funny but I don't truly care about the road I travel 'in a way' in that I just worry about clearance for the rv Smile anything other than that I kinda don't care unless it is traffic heavy/nuts/horrible situation. I got a RV GPS thingy hubby bought that gives road clearance for rvs for height so that helps with all that mess. but a lower hanging tree in our path, yikes, but hopefully most trucks do 'clear the way' and take out the offender sometimes so that helps Smile but you sure can see the damage and more done to those trees. I love going down a closed tree road and 'seeing all the chopped/cropped truck' damage cause I know our clearance is handled by them!

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