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July 4 2019 meet up. Single women. Van dwellers.
Honeys campground invites you to Arco Idaho for a meet and greet as well as a BBQ and some ice cream and a free beverage .  RSVP any special requests.
Nice of you. Isn’t it still a bit chilly up there?

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July 4th will be pretty warm during the day but pleasant at night. Next time I am up that way, I will stop by. I really like Idaho but can't stand the winters.

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July 4th is my birthday and the hubby likes to take me to watch the fireworks. But i'm sure there will be a lot of single women and van-dwellers who will take you up on your invitation. What a lovely gesture.
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I may try to make it..
Likely will be in the throes of house-deshevelment, and translocation, but there is a chance.

What is the fireworks situation there?
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