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The small jet sat on the runway it's engine idling. Grey-blue it reminded him of a dolphin.  Today would be a long day first to Sochi and then to Almaty Kazakhstan Before returning to St. Petersburg.  The lead SUV was parked at an angle providing cover to the front stairs of the plane, the Mercedes  pulled in at the back of the big SUV and stopped. The trailing SUV pulled in behind the Mercedes,  blocking the vision from the terminal. This is all done more out of habit than necessity.

The inside was a stark contrast of the drab grey outside. Red and gold were the dominant colors, the seats stitched in that standard Maybach  style made popular in the 80s and continued because of black rappers pimping SUVs. The engines spooled  up  and we were quickly moving into the line of jets leaving the city of St. Petersburg this morning. Only four passengers were on board and despite the early hour two of them have drinks in their hands.  The Last minute Hop was as was a result of a satisfactory contract being arrived at by all the signatory parties and now they just have to be signed.  The jet was a rental and I can only guess at the passengers it had ferried In the past.  Oligarchs political officials spies captains of industry, and perhaps an entertainer or two. The city fell away as we arched into the blue sky and my mind wandered to all the possibilities. I can see the Sea and the shining gold dorms of both Muslim and Russia Orthodox  churches.  Levelled the laptops and tablets came out, candy crush on some and cash pressure on others was the name of the game.

I wondered to myself  if it were possible for a desert so many miles away to call my name. Life is easy and while this is true I couldn't help but think I was living in somebody else's script  A play or a screenplay not my own. It wasn't hard to imagine the sound of the rubber wheels rolling down the highway stacking on the miles  chasing music into the sun, a fruitless game of cat and mouse. One  I knew I could never win. But, one I wanted to do none the less.

Yes today was going to be a long day, from one coast to the seacoast to a mountain steps and City that has changed its name three times this century. Dreaming of friends, fires and pot roast cooked in the sun.
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NICE morning read , sure beats the spammers !
Good to see your book skills are in place for something to do for retirement $.
I bet some campgrounds could even be convinced that a storyteller is a good staffing choice too.
Plus , they all have a "security" patrol....I know , sad , but that's the job title.

Mostly going around quieting the partyers after quiet hour and keeping firepits to a reasonable flame level.
(I've done it ,and boring patrol may be a better description than security patrol...........................
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

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You’ve been gone too long! Great to have you back.
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