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MightyMax 18Ah AGM battery
SW, I did hook up the 10/2 charger, set it to the 2 amp side and left it on for 12 hours.  Case of the jump pack was still cold to the touch and the meter on the charger was all the way over, so perhaps that 14.4 to 14.6 it can put out helped some. I just charged it clamp to clamp with the switch “on”, thats about the only way I have to override the internal ac charger its built with.  I have no idea of the electronics in the “smart” charger and when it goes to float, but it was worth a try.

Thanks for the reminder to try and elevate the voltage.
They say when you get older two things happen, one is you lose your memory and the other, I forget.

Organized people are simply too lazy to search for stuff.
Good work.

I think it is important to stuff these batteries to a true 100% to retain that ability to be able to do the job of jumpstarting for as long as possible.

Long Ago I had a Schumacher jumper with a UB12120 battery inside, 12AH.  I carried it around for a long while after I had a dedicated house battery, and one time lent it out only to have the lendee come back and say it didn't work on a small 4 cylinder i 70F ambients.   Helping that lendee to get the vehicle started then was an annoying  process, as the vehicle was a half mile away in Baja and my van had an elaborate tarp shelter attached to it.

The jumper pack was  at least 5 years old at that point though, and I rarely charged it other than using the single stage wall wart which was stuffed inside the jumperpack casing.  I still have this and its specs are 12.0v at 800 mah, 0.8 amps.  When I put my DMM on it unloaded it read 13.8v.  Still have it somewhere.   I really think if I knew then what I know now, I could have gotten many more years and much more use out of that battery and would not have to removed and  half carried my gruop 27 battery to the other vehicle.

I tried a quick resistance measurement on the 18Ah MM battery  using my MV-50 air compressor but there is 12 inches of 20 gauge from battery to 30amp powerpole to wattmeter, so a lot of resistance is in those too thin cables. I decided to not waste any more time as there was a huge amount of resistance at 20 amps in those thin wires leading to wattmeter.

This particular powerpole was cut off of the cord from my older voltage fan speed controllers which plug into ciggy plug receptacles and  is rated at 2 amps max.  I wont bother with more resistance measurements until i get some 8AWG hooked to 45A powerpoles to a ring terminal on the battery.  Other projects are higher on the to do list ATM.

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