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yea,take care of yourself,me and pharmaceuticals have never got along,always have the side effect reaction,sleeping pills keep me awake,blood pressure meds raised my blood pressure
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  • Queen (01-11-2019)
Same here, Gary. Whatever they’re supposed to do, they’re off doing something else entirely. Stupid body.
I'm having a similar problem. For the first time in my life my BP was not low but exceedingly high. I was hospitalized twice because of it, last month - 235/185 ! I was put on Linsinopril and it just made things worse - coughing like crazy and miserable in general, which is not my usual self. I started a new BP med, yesterday and am feeling better already. It appears some people are seriously allergic to 'ace inhibitors'.

I hope you are feeling better. Smile
Well, even though all conventional wisdom says otherwise, I’m comfortably ensconced in my chair at home with a big glass of wine. If all modern medicine has to offer is bizarre side effects, I’ll have wine.
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  • LivGolden (01-11-2019), Blanch (01-11-2019)
Regardless, it is my hope for all of you who come here to have a good year. We're of like mind and, well I don't have to say more.

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