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Hummingbirds and other critters
Cranes and ducks. The ducks floated and the cranes fished. I had to shoo the cranes away so they didn't eat the babies! They would walk around the edges looking for something to snap up. The pond was 36" deep in the shallow end and 54" deep in the deep end. We had to swim with the fishes to clean out the dead plants. I sold the babies to a pet shop for $0.50 a piece that I took in trade for fish food. The white koi was about 18" long in that pic.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel
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. B and CAnother change of pace.  From a koi pond we had:
Sure miss that pond.

We had an accidental 'koi pond' once. Removing some culverts from the stream on the property made a pond, then some koi from the koi farm up the street made a break for it and escaped into the stream (maybe they rode out in the laundry carts?) When they got to our 'pond', they settled in with the other fish and a load of crayfish and frogs. The pond is where I got the egret and heron pics from a few pages back. Here's a few pics of pond and denizens:
[Image: H5iVK9.jpg]
Here's the pond

[Image: OoSKNr.jpg]
Fugitive koi

[Image: qV8RxD.jpg]
Too small for dinner

[Image: OwDJeQ.jpg]
Lots of grumpy crayfish

[Image: A3XPXj.jpg][Image: yxaxFt.jpg]

[Image: ZAdR9A.jpg]
And one fat frog!
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