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Red Pocket unlimited talk/text/data
Recently I posted on the 10 gig Red Pocket plan only to realize that in my excitement that it was only good for AT&T and Sprint. AT&T would be fine if I did not have the Mobley but my Red Pocket Sprint account rarely connected forcing me to use Google voice most of the time. What I really needed was Verizon.

The Red Pocket unlimited plan uses any of the networks and gives unlimited talk/text and data but only the first two gigs are high speed with unlimited 2G. 2 Gigs are enough to keep me connected for emails and forums should I be where nothing else works. 2G while slow is good enough for the same especially if I download the Opera mini browser.  I can still watch downloaded content so even entertainment is covered.

The Red Pocket unlimited plan on ebay is currently $229 or $19.08 a month.

Red Pocket unlimited on ebay

I suggest that you call customer service to get it going as the online chat forgot to apply my activation code. The package you will receive will come with sim cards for AT&T, T-Moble and Verizon. Sprint phones can use a existing sim.

I know that it is not the unlimited high speed for $5 like the hotspots but it is enough should I have to use it. Having the real phone number connected is a blessing too.

Red Pocket does not roam and I do not know if you are prioritized like Visible. The $40 a month plan with Visible may be a better option if you must have unlimited high speed data and can stay clear of heavily congested areas like Quartzsite during the main events. Personally I needed the talk and text as much as I needed the data to stay connected.

I have not been able to use the WiFi/HD calling feature of the iPhone as it seems to need a account with the mothership.

Standard disclaimer time.

I do not own Red Pocket.
I do not make money from them directly or indirectly if you order.
I do not have a say in how it is run
Should they shut down tomorrow I will have lost my money just as anyone would.

I am just passing on what I use and what I think is a good deal.
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Tell us more about the opera mini browser. Is it for iOS?

I have unlimited 2G with USCellular for $18 a month. It includes 2GB of high speed data and unlimited 2G. I also use an older iPhone. So is Opera Mini something I would want on my phone?

And, as always, thanks Jim.

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I have to be honest and say I am not experienced with the Opera browsers. I know they use compression, ad blocking and battery saving features but it would be better for you to decide on your own. There are ios versions on Apple app store. This is the Opera site.

Some things to understand about 2G/3G and such. There is a difference between say 3G and 4G data limited to what the company thinks is 3G. The 3G hotspots could run as fast as 3.1 Mbps but 4G limited to 3G will never run that fast. Also 2G on Verizon and Sprint is 64k but on T-Mobile and AT&T it is 128k. Actually my T-Mobile hotspot limited to 2G can run as fast as 256k while my Cricket phone was never more than 128k.

Confused yet?

4gas use to have a unlimited 2G hotspot for $6 a month. It was perfect for low bandwidth users.
I have never checked the speed on my 2G. It is either working fast enough or not. LOL. Outside of NorCal it is usually on roam.

I will check out the browser info.

Thanks again Jim!
You are always a wealth of information.

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Have you tried the Puffin browser on your phone?  I've used it many times in the past and it seems like a pretty fast browser.
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Thanks for the recommendation, Jim! Do you have a referral code I could use when I sign up to give you credit?

Edit: oops, never mind, I just reread your post, saying you don't get any money from them. Okay, here I go, to test it out for myself!

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